Brizzy for Lizzy

Actually, it should probably be “breezy for freezy” or “breakfast for free” because that’s how I started off today. Alex da Spazz offered to lemme use one of his free breakfast passes for Top o’ Lenoir. Didn’t work out too well though, because they were closed for breakfast today (they’ll be open tomorrow though!). So, we went to student stores where he bought him and me bagels and cream cheese…and juice. That was the best meal I ate today. Since I didn’t take a lunch break at work (where the kids are still behaving awesomely! I’m shocked!! I mean, despite their boredom, they actually sat through parts of “For All Mankind” the most boring National Geographic tape ever produced) I settled for Cheeto’s and SunKist. I guess that doesn’t help my left ankle or back be any less temperpedic…lots of salt. Yeah.

Speaking of the land of temperpedia…I hope that will be going away soon because today I actually took my medicine the way I was supposed to. I guess it made me look sick or something, because EVERYONE asked me if I was feeling better today, if I was doing okay…I felt like an invalid, which is not a good feeling. I mean, I hope that talking about my illness doesn’t make people think I want them to feel sorry for me. Exactly the opposite…I definitely don’t want people to feel badly for me because my life is so awesome right now. I mean, I have KNEES for heaven’s sake!

Well, Roomie (and by this I do not mean my current roommates, but the former roommate still referred to by me as “Roomie”) just got back from Hong Kong and Beijing and traveling all over the world, and she’s coming to the Hill for a quick visit. So I’m definitely about to have some good times.

Tomorrow is Friday,
Hooray for PayDay!


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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