Today Alex da Spazz and I hit up the breakfast at Lenoir because as we all know, Orientation Kids get WAY better food at the main dining hall than the rest of the world does. It’s like they purposefully put out the best food for times like this and then, when they’ve got you and your money dedicated to their dining program, they begin to scrimp. “We can cook anything we want! Less garlic in that! Water that down! Evil laugh!” they shriek behind the scenes.

I went to work, bought rice cakes (for earth cookies), and finished up this week of Nerd Camp.
I’ve decided that I like creating work for myself. I came up with like, a job that’s going to take at least an extra three hours to complete, just because I thought the campers and their families deserve something “cute”. I don’t think I’ll ever edit films seriously. It’s taken me forever for a good eight minutes of film. Perhaps next time I’ll take Jameson’s advice and do a slide show. With pictures…and fun.

I came home with swollen ankles (sigh…when will my blood protein level jump back up?) and went to the pool with my family. Actually, the boys swam. My sister, step-mother, and I sat out of the pool chit-chatting and killing mosquitoes. Oh, it was so funny. My brother comes up out of the water yelling on and on about “I smell cigarette smoke! Why would anyone smoke next to the pool?!” and I said, in a low voice, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?” and pointed out the two guys smoking. He got REAL quiet, REAL quick, and was disappointed to find that the guys offending his nostrils were actually two really nice guys who loaned him a little pink floatie. I’ve decided that Spazz and Erm need to come to the pool more often with my family, just to entertain my little brother.


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