I’m a chicken…but I’m okay with that

I’m notoriously bad with scary movies. Not the psycho thriller scary type movies, I love those, and handle them well. I love them because they scare me out of my mind, they give me something to think about later on, and give me something to discuss with my friends. Arlington Rd. is one such movie that scares me — not because it’s full of loud sounds and startling images — but because it causes me to be paranoid about the inner thoughts of those around me. At any rate, I dislike the state fair fun-house type movies which cause me to clench my fists in terror and hide under my sweater…or someone’s arm…or behind someone’s back (I think I nearly choked The Boy the other day watching Hide and Seek).

War of the Worlds happens to be another movie I was bad at seeing. So bad in fact that Meredila and I had to leave the theater. Actually, Mere didn’t have to leave, but she was kind to me and asked me if I would rather wait in the lobby for the others we went with. It was not a particularly scary movie in that aspect, nothing popped out at me, nothing really surprised me, however I could not handle the blood and gore and the ‘splodey people, and ugh… It was horribly gross. And I couldn’t help but think that it would have been better for the characters to stop running and gracefully accept their death. ‘Sploding didn’t look so painful. We ended up watching Bewitched instead, because I’m a chicken. But I’m totally okay with being a chicken, I’m totally okay with not being dulled to acts of violence and startling images.

Although, I am becoming jaded with the horror movie formula. At least Hide and Seek had a plot twist which tricked me — although as The Boy points out, they went too far out of their way to ensure that we wouldn’t have any clue what the ending could be. It wasn’t like The Others, in which you come to realize what’s going on as the characters do.

On the plus side, before we went to the movie, we hit up SUB POP (#1 in quantity), where I bought The Best of EnVogue and the Original Evita Soundtrack, all for $12! My goodness, I’m in bliss at the moment! I think I’m going to hang out at that place more often. I sworney, one day I’m going to go to Argentina just so I can sing some of the songs from this soundtrack…not that Evita was a particularly loveable person, at least from the point of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I don’t even like her character that much as she seems to be an incredibly ambitious person, in the Mufasa’s-little-brother-Scar sort of sense. I mean, what kind of person sings “I came for the people, they need to adore me, so Christian Dior me…” or “I am their savior, that’s what they call me, so Lauren Bacall me…”?

I think I may go to the Eno with Janzie today. That should be fun.
Oh wait..if I do that, I’ll have to take a shower, and in order to do that I have to battle the camel cricket who staked out a spot this morning in my bathtub…ugh. How come the cat doesn’t eat bugs when you need her to?


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  1. I’ve got a confession and a sympathy here:
    When I saw your post about a scary movie, I sort of breezed through it, and didn’t really read it closely because I was having a busy night of sorts myself… I think there was alcohol involved too… anyway… I can usually handle most scary movies, and somehow in my breezing I missed WHAT movie you meant
    here comes the sympathy:
    I just came back from watching it tonight with Kris – and I almost had to leave the theater myself… but I was too scared to ask him to leave with me – so I huddled over held my ears and shut my eyes during parts… I’m still not certain what exactly got to me… I mean… I thought I knew the story…
    Honestly though, and you should be able to appreciate this too – he and I were laughing through some bits trying to make me un-scared later… and both came to the conclusion that the movie would have been better if the kid had gotten socked for screaming… good grief 😉

    • Goodness!
      That’s exactly what I said after I left the theater…that I would have just hit that kid until she shut the frig’ up! Could she not see the problems they were having? Did she not realize the importance of not screaming at the top of her lungs for her mommy? I think the threat “That’s it! I’m going to turn this car around right now! Don’t make me pull over!” would have been pretty effective there.

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