Return from Surf City

So, I just got back from Surf City, where I vacationed with Patches — in exchange for the week long road trip to Niagara Falls we had previously planned. We had a nice time, because Surf City, as overgrown as it has become, is one of the last beaches that looks like it hasn’t been polluted by inconsiderate beach goers. In fact, I counted tons of fish, crabs, and gulls there…I mean, I don’t ever recall being on the shore and seeing thousands of tiny fish swimming back into the waves. It was kind of weird, having all those fish swimming by your feet…and ucky…I didn’t really want to hang out too much past the point where I could see the bottom. I cut my foot on a big rock out there. It scared me. On the other ucky side, the people in the hotel room next door to us decided to catch a fish and then leave it outside…on top of a plastic bag…in the sun…even when they clearly had a refridgerator in their room. Did I mention we had a nice time? Hanging out, laughing, joking…walking along the beach…watching the gulls eat the crabs, poor crabs. Yup, a thoroughly nice time.

In other news, NASA succesfully collided with the comet passing by, at a rate of 23,000 mph — much faster than Patches was driving his little 240 down the road, and lemme tell you, 100mph is quite fast on I-40. While we already have an idea of what comets are composed of, Deep Impact gives us our first look at the actual inside of a comet. It’s pretty neat to think that now we have an upclose view of something that’s been around since the creation of our little solar system. It’s like, taking a look back into time or something…or maybe that’s just working at the Nerd Museum that’s getting to me. For more information, and some other pretty neat looking pictures, check out: NASA- Deep Impact


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