This is what one kid insists on calling alliem42 and me at all times “Teacher!” And it’s so adorable – music to my ears even.  I continually remind him that my name is Alicia, but he seems to think that you can’t just call a teacher by her first name, and so all this morning I heard “Teacher! Look at this habitat we’re building out of Legos!” and “Teacher! Is it okay with you if I go to the bathroom?”. Oh Joshua, you are one of the cutest kids ever…

Brian talks too much.  Way too much.  He seems to lack the social skills that tell him that other kids need a turn to talk.  And he likes candy, which is apparent by the state of this boy’s teeth. One tooth looks like it’s completely decayed, it’s a strange orangey color. And the other front tooth looks like it’s nearly all metal. I don’t know whether he just likes candy or his mom doesn’t really pay attention to him while he’s brushing his teeth. Or perhaps it’s neither, and he’s just particularly sensitive to sugar. That is the Life of Brian, an obsession with gummyworms.

There’s only one kid who looks to be a problem.  This is the child that this morning said “No,” to my request that everyone stand in a circle and then began to walk away.  This is the kid who made me use my “mean voice” five minutes into camp, and who made me use my really mean voice a couple of hours later (He said “no” to standing in line with the other children returning from a bathroom break and ran off towards campus).  I mean, really, now I understand what my mother meant when she said “You can tell me ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I don’t feel like doing this at the moment’ or ‘I would rather do something else’ but don’t ever tell me ‘NO’!” 
Is Alicia going to have to choke a kid?
But I didn’t choke the kid, I talked to my boss who came in personally to observe my troubles because I don’t usually have troubles with kids, especially so soon into camp.  She picked him out in the hallway, we didn’t even have to say his name.  However, right after she came in, I had him help me move a television – and he was so well behaved!  This was right after we had Erin call his dad.  His dad and I had a chit-chat, which was helpful in that he was understanding and promised to work on listening with his son…however, he didn’t really give me any real tips on how to deal with Joe (that’s his name! I’m not changing it to protect the innocent or anything…we call him “Joe Noe” because “no” seems to be his favorite word) except for bribery.  Although I hate giving a kid an incentive.  I hate feeling like I’m having to bribe a child to get him to behave.  Good behavior is not something for which you deserve a treat, good behavior is just something you do!  Your treat is living a peaceful coexistence with other people!  But hey, I only get him for a week – I’m not going to change any behaviors in one week – and if that’s what his dad does at home, there is no sense in me trying to get around it.

As for the rest of this weeks bunch, they seem to be a goodly crew. I think it will all be fun if we don’t give Brian too much candy (oh don’t give that child candy) and if we convince Joe Noe that he really will suffer an agonizing death (It might not be this week, and it might not even be next week…revenge is a dish best served cold. ) if he tells me “no” one more time!

On tonight’s agenda: Going back to work and missing my best friend (I think he might be gone for good, again).


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. Update…at work this evening, with a group of teachers, one of them asked me where I taught. I was ecstatic because I’ve been called a teacher like, three million times today — and of course, we all know that it is the greatest profession (if not “most noble” – a phrase which gets on my last nerve!) in the world! Sometimes, I am amazed at being myself!
    A schoolmaster should have an atmosphere of awe, and walk wonderingly, as if he was amazed at being himself. Newton D. Baker

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