My busi-NESS is Done!…I had so much to do…SO MUCH!

I have returned from my final Teaching Fellows Conference. It is with a a heart heavy with fond memories that I bid farewell to my summer teaching fellows requirements, realizing that I will now have a biggere responsibility on my shoulders – actually being a teacher. Not a summer camp teacher, a real, live, teacher. The thought scares me. As well it should. Josh White, a drama teacher and friend of mine once informed me that if I was not feeling nervous about going on stage that I was in for trouble. At the moment, I’m definitely not suffering from over confidence.

Because I couldn’t update my journal over the weekend, I took notes bout things that struck me as interesting or funny and vowed to type them up here. And it seems that my notes are a bit weird.

Thursday: I experienced evil campers…this was the first time I actually cried after working with children. One kid decided not to come back to class because he was tired of being yelled at with the other kids all day. I felt horrible. It was because of me that some child’s summer camp experience was ruined. He will never want to return to the planetarium again, he will hate me forever, the end. I don’t know if I can handle affecting someone’s life this much. It is this that scares me most about becoming a teacher. That afternoon I picked syaldia up and drove her to Wake Forest to take a picture of a tree. It was a really pretty tree overlooking Jacob’s grave, although it angered me to find that after three years one still wouldn’t know it was Jacob’s grave. Sorry Syaldia, but your mom’s a slacker – bears no reflection on you my dear friend, I know you’re probably more upset about the fact that the marker wasn’t there than I was. On the way back from Wake Forest we saw two guys hitchhiking along the road, and I noticed that one of them was missing a leg. I felt bad for him, at first, until I realized that this was part of his plot. Who would suspect a one legged hitchhiker anyway? But I mentioned to Syaldia that he probably kept his other leg in his book bag, waiting until he got seated in your car to whack you over the head with it and then steal your car. “Yeah, you want all his limbs where you can see them…no surprises…” Andy comments, as he’s reading me typing this over his shoulder. At the time, Syaldia simply laughed and said “You know, that’s the kind of thing that I think as I’m driving down the road. Usually, my mother just looks at me weird and doesn’t respond.”

Friday: I went to the conference. Driving around Chapel Hill, trying to get ready to leave in time (I had to finish the movie, plug it up at camp, pick up my thousands of meds, and then finish packing!) I saw a little old lady in a car that said “Toyotaho” on the license plate. I thought it was really funny. Really, really, funny. I met a girl with a mohawk who spent her time talking about how great UNC-Asheville is. I don’t know why, but I felt really defensive about Chapel hill. I mean, really really defensive, because I just didn’t really appreciate her admittedly snobby-self going on for about 30 minutes about why Asheville is so much better than Chapel Hill…it just wasn’t that necessary. On the up side, I got to see Kuuipo…I haven’t seen that girl in forever, and then there she was just standing in a gas station. That was just one of my many blessings for the day.

Saturday: I found out that I am an “Abstract Random” person, which may have something to do with my teaching style. I’m not quite sure what it has to do with my teaching style, except it may mean that I simply need to work on learning how to deal with people who have different learning styles. None of the conferences were tailored for foreign language teachers, however. So I came away with the thought that no matter how much advice another teacher gives me about how to run a room, I’m just going to have to do it myself. Classroom management is what scares me the most about teaching, that and finding something for the little buggers to do. I guess that would be everything about teaching then. Saturday night we heard Ron Clark speaking about the fifty-five “procedures” he posted in his classrooms, in order to teach children how they should behave to one another, in an effort to teach them manners. He was quite inspiring, very energetic, I felt ready to go out and educate someone, HOO-RAH! However, after it was all over, I felt very tired – and I worried (apparently Abstract Random people worry excessively, at least that’s what the profile says) that I just wouldn’t have enough energy to give them the “pow!” *foot stomp and hand explosion gesture* inspiration that the children would need.

Sunday: Last day of the conference and Norris has tears in her eyes. She seems sad that we are going to leave her after just four short years – she may never see our faces again. Yay! We drive home, stopping off to see Liz’s parents (and what a lovely home they have!) and spend the rest of the day in a hot car, cramped with luggage and pillows, and all. I felt car sick, and was glad to get home. Went to Waldenbooks (Hooray for Rowling!) and then came home. My parents and siblings came over for a swim, and then later I went bowling. My first score was okay, the second one…well, let’s just say I got beat down pretty bad! 🙂

Today, well…today was interesting. I think I’ve got a good bunch of kids. Let’s just hope they’re not as bad as last weeks, you know? And now, to hit the book!


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  1. and not a single mention of patches hmm… 😛

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