Bored in the Meat Locker, I mean, Star Theatre

I just got finished doing a double shift at the P’tarium, and discovered somewhere during the middle of it that I simply could not pay attention to Sparky’s voice one more time. The little androgenous creature gets on my nerves twice as much as any four year old could…perhaps its because he’s repetitive. It was at some point that I decided to break out the ZP journal and read that during the shows.
I’ve found out a few things from reading the ZP journal.
1. AmandaFox, aka Starwidget1 is crazy, and seems to like bits of “flair” pasted to the front of her journals. As is Mandolin64, aka Guru, but I like them both that way.
2.Dan is hilarious (much like Nick Cannon) in ways that I didn’t know. I nearly laughed aloud from the console booth. I should have talked to that kid more while he was here, because apparently he’s really really funny.
3. The ZP journal hasn’t been updated since October of last year. I felt that it was high time for someone to add something to it, so I did, today. I wrote up my thoughts during the show, how my brain was being numbed by Solar System Adventure, and I even began a translation of the Sol and Company song. I think I’m going to go for making it rhyme over a literal translation.
At any rate, I was glad to get out of that place for a day, even though I know I just have to go back tomorrow.

I was so tired of sitting there, in the dark, doing nothing, that I decided to take a moment to stretch out…do a little yoga. I wish I knew yoga, that would be helpful for attempting it during shows. I came home ready to clean my room…tsk tsk!

I cannot wait to get some time off next week! I love my “home” but overdosing is possible.


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  1. I am so happy that the ZP journal is still read – even if it isn’t being updated anymore… which makes me sad 😦 That’s the 2nd journal, Amanda decided to buy it after she basically filled up the first journal with lots of writing… and we found the flair together – the stars glow in the dark 😉

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