Feeling Loved…

Last night I forgot to take my medicines, again…CellCept included, which I had been doing such a good job of taking.  Patches and I got into a “discussion” which ended with me shaking and crying, and him holding me…And finally, it ended with a case of Puppy Eyes.
For those of you who don’t know, let me explain Puppy Eyes.
Puppy Eyes are how my eyes look when they are puffy and swollen, so puffy and swollen, in fact, that I resemble a new born puppy that cannot yet open his eyes.  These are the eyes that freaked my boss out so much one morning, that she wanted to call the hospital because she thought I was having an allergic reaction to something.  These are the eyes that kept me from school on many occasions because I didn’t want to have to either fight to keep my eyes open or explain to my teachers and classmates exactly why I looked like I do.
One day, I may show you a picture of incredibly bad Puppy Eyes, and then you can see how far I’ve come…as well as what I’m afraid of returning to.

My cheeks jiggle four times each this morning, and I can’t put my chin to my chest for fear of cutting off my air supply.  In fact, talking is rather hard to do, because my throat is swollen as well.  I sound, and feel, as though I have a glob of phlegm stuck there and I can’t swallow it down or spit it up.

I also, I had a dream that there was a group of neo-nazis on campus, and I was walking home through campus one night, and I was ducking through the woods to try and escape them, just to discover I left my keys in the room that a teaching fellows conference was in in Carroll 111…and I had to walk back, by myself, past the group of nazis…who looked more like neo-zombies.  It was okay though, because Patience just happened to be on South Rd. waiting for a taxi, and she actually had picked up my keys for me before the janitor threw them away.  What a dream.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. I think I have a few pictures of puppy eyes taken with the Treo on the old computer. When I get it set up in here I’ll check to see unless you have some you took with your camera, which would be way better then anything the Treo could throw out.

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