Adding Pictures

Had a pretty good day today. Went to church, and then work, and that’s about it. My only complaint is that people don’t seem to know how to remove a screaming kid from a theater. I mean, if a child is obviously not enjoying the show (or perhaps you can’t see him, so it’s not obvious, but you can definitely hear how the little guy is not enjoying the show) you should remove him. This kid would scream at the top of his lungs and then stare at the dome…and then repeat the process. Much the same with a ringing cellphone, whiny kids disturb other viewers. Why should they have to suffer through a show just because you want your two year old child to be educated…during a show intended for sixth graders. I know that we advertise the ages that each show is geared for, why do parents not pay attention to these things? There are plenty of small kids in the show about mass extinction, and a couple of them begin to cry when they talk about all the horrible ways people could die. Asteroids, Hypernovae, and the Supervolcano in Yellowstone Park was enough to scare me, and I’ve seen the show quite a bit. There were about three children crying during this one show, and I actually had to walk up to the parents and say “I apologize, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave if your child cannot stay quiet during the remainder of the show. I’m sure you will receive a refund for your ticket.” I say this because I’m under the impression that some parents are determined to get their full five dollars worth…or should I say, their full two gallons of gas worth. Ugh, gas prices irk me at the moment.

At any rate, I just figured out how to upload my own photos to an online spot, and decided to see if I could add one of my favorite pictures of my sister. That’s all. It’s actually an older picture, that I took of her when she was maybe eleven or twelve, but I think it’s really pretty…and I especially like the fact that I took it. Yes, I think she must have been twelve, because it came from a batch of film in which our baby brother was about two years old, and he’ll be four very very soon. Okay, enough about that.


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  1. wooooooooo hooooooo
    your birthday is wednesday!
    wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo
    p.s. you rock, biaaaaaaatch

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