Work was fun today, I got to laze around, watch Spellbound, and play games like four square and connect four with the kids – the middle school kids at that. I even got to revoke a child’s chair privileges…I know that sounds evil, but he was not using the chair properly, and it was getting on my nerves. I’ve found that I have much more patience for the littler ones. I can look at them and think okay, they’re small, they don’t quite know better yet. Whereas I expect more from the older ones, like not bickering over inane four square rules.

On an other note, I think I’m getting sick again.
There are signs.
Among others, I’m beginning to start with the headaches and the off-beat heart rhythms again. I think I need to step up the Magnesium and the Iron pills, although those are two of the ones I hate taking the most. What is really bad about the medications I’m on is that while they help me in some areas, they take away alot of the good stuff, like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, and so on. This means that I end up having to take all of those pills to cover the loss, and it also means that I end up feeling like a mobile pharmacy. For get the drive-thrus, ‘Licia delivers. Hopefully, adding a little more of all of these will help me feel better and give me more energy to cope with all the pressures of after-care (which are, by the way, next to none).


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  1. if playing with kids for a little while is getting to you in aftercare, you could sit out front with a walkie talkie and a book. 🙂

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