All gone already?

I can’t believe that this summer is almost over!
It seems like only a few days ago I was starting summer off with my student orienation with Person County Schools, sitting in the superintendent’s office and visiting different schools. And though it seems like it was only a short time ago, it also seems like it was forever ago! All at once. Does that make sense? Perhaps it does…
At any rate, this morning I began the last week of camps. My very last week of summer camp ’05 and this weeks kids seem very good. With the exception of one, and I can’t figure out what’s going on with this kid.
Last week, alliem42 said “We have a kid that’s just like Billy” (some names have been changed to protect the innocent) and she proceeds to stick her fingers in her ears and yell about how “It’s just too loud in here!”, much like the seven year old Billy in our K-1 “Animal Addresses” camp. After spending a day in which I was incredibly frustrated with the unpredictable behavior of this child, and completely ready to kick him out of camp (gosh I have no patience!) and he ran down the stairs singing and doing a happy dance, it hit me. Who else did a happy dance? Who else ran around camp singing and dancing to “Have a holly jolly christmas” and then complained about the noise level? Who else had rotten teeth, couldn’t seem to control his emotions and couldn’t seem to get a grip of his own volume? I stopped him and said, “You’re Billy.” And he looked at me as though I was crazy, which he probably thought I was. “No, I’m Charles,” he says slowly. “Actually, you’re Billy! You’re the one Allie was talking about! You’re doing a happy dance!”. I don’t think I will be able to take this kid’s behavior. I don’t understand it. Today, we had a time just trying to get him to sit down without pinching his fingers on the underside of the tables…or trying to go into the theater to begin camp. One little girl has taken to carting him around. She seems to understand that he has special needs, so she goes, holds his hand, and drags him along places. Also today, two girls came to me complaining that a boy had stolen their feather and was crumpling it in his hand. I asked if the boy was in the camp…it was, none other than Charles. When he was instructed to give the feather back, he refused, and I told him he had until the count of five. When I got to three he said “I’ve decided to give it toooooooo…you” and he picked Josh. He held his hand out, to drop the feather into Josh’s. Josh looked at him and backed up, not wanting anything to do with the feather. It was time to use the reasonable force the lawyers spoke of. I opened Charles’s hand, took the feather, and gave it back to the girls. Charles became upset, and hid near the Nerd Camp’s storage area. We were left alone and he was upset, but I didn’t care, I was ready for him to go. He was in a bad mood until we discovered feathers all over the ground, and he promptly forgot about the event at hand. He went from having the angriest face to laughing and being quite happy.
I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle this for the rest of the week with him unless I learn some different ways of handling his personality.

This was the first day in the past week that I haven’t left work feeling completely drained.


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