Good News

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday that went well.
Blood pressure was 122/68 when the machine measured it, but by the time I got back to her office and settle din, it had dropped to 106/66. I guess I was stressed out when the nurse took it or something. My weight was 152.9lbs, and while Ciocca seemed very excited about it, because she thought I looked much thinner, she didn’t realize that:

1) It meant I had only dropped 3lbs since she had last seen me, a month and a half ago…
2) It meant that I had gained weight over the past week.
On the plus side, she gave me lots of free antibiotics for my bronchitis.

Now, if I could only find those buggers, I could get started on my ten day regimen.
Just waiting for my tests to come back to find out the final verdict – though all my other tests have cleared me, once again the possiblity of Lupus lurks in the shadows…

On the other hand, I went to my sister’s birthday dinner (two pizzas from Sam’s Club or some other bargain wholesale type store) with Jeremy, and it seems like everyone in my family, with possibly the exception of Avinson (because Jeremy was responsible for taking me away that night), likes him. It could just because he’s a non-denominational democrat, two very good things to be as far as the Burnette’s are concerned.
So in short, it looks like things are going pretty well.


About alburnet

New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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