The End of Summer Camp!

Finally, I’m free!
I love summer camp, but honestly, I was tired of the entire ordeal. Especially “Charles” who informed me, today, right as I was sickest of dealing with him, that I was a “beautiful lady”. Apparently, this is his favorite thing to tell the female counselors. Still, for two seconds, he was incredibly cute – only for two seconds. After that, he returned to being much himself – unable to understand other people’s feelings. He did apologize to me for stepping on my foot, which surprised me. However, I’m not sure if he did it because he really was sorry, or he did it because he’s been taught that when you hurt someone you apologize.

I was watching “Extinction!” today (but that’s nothing new) and noticed that the maps were artfully made to reflect tectonics. The Cretatous Earth looks incredibly different from the Terra we all know and love. It almost seems that the Earth is not the same place it started off being, especially if you consider that “99.9% of the species that have ever existed are already extinct”.

I realize that statistic includes bacteria and other microorganisms, but the point is that the Earth, considered quite stable and dependable, is not ever the same. The oceans change: dirt washes onto the shore, dirt washes off the shores. The same sand some ancient nameless inhabitant of the area now known as North Carolina has dispersed across the world, and perhaps pieces of it lie in Mexico, and some of it lies in South America, and maybe some of the sand is still in the same place it was. Besides that, the plates upon which the continents are based also shift around.

Even the organisms change, materials come together to make new creatures, new beings, with thoughts and consciousnesses, and then they fall apart. Sitting in the theater, watching the show and various maps, I started thinking about myself and how much I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was just a few years ago. I mean, of course there’s the little things that have changed, like the fact that I lose skin cells and hair and am constantly growing new ones. And there’s also the fact that since I was born at 7lbs and 7oz, I’ve grown quite a bit and stretched out in all sorts of directions. But, I was thinking on more of an outer level. Many of the materials that once came together to make me who I am, the people, places, and things, have fallen away. I still have the memories of them, but they have shifted places in my mind, in my priorities, in my actions. I’ve even surrounded myself with different people, I have a different outlook on life. And when I look at older pictures, I wonder who that person is, and what she would be doing if she could be where I am today. At some level, I am still the same – I have the same history, I have much the same sense of humor…but on another level I’m completely different. I don’t like the same things, I don’t hang around with the same people, and I don’t have the same future that I once envisioned for myself.

So in the dark, at the console, hidden away behind the lighted buttons, I think about all this, and suddenly realize that Shatner is saying “We share the possiblity of extinction with all species, but with our intelligence…extinction isn’t inevitable“. I snap out of my thoughts in time for the dramatic Rod Abernathy roll-credits music. As I’m turning knobs, and snapping things into place, I consider that I don’t particularly dislike the fact that the Earth and I have changed so much. Extinction can’t be the worst thing in the world, as so many species have already become extinct. There are some parts of me, 99.9% of them, that have already become extinct, and honestly, I don’t really miss them. I thought I would, but I’ve gotten over it rather nicely.


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  1. It’s the circle of life, baby. ;o)
    Change is good, you just gotta role with the punches.
    “Charles” who informed me, today, right as I was sickest of dealing with him, that I was a “beautiful lady”. Apparently, this is his favorite thing to tell the female counselors.
    Is this person an employee who was not a counselor this summer?

    • Oh no, this is one of the five year olds. Earlier that week, he had asked Nadia her name, and then said “Nadia…that is a pretty name. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.” And she told me that had he been just a little older, that comment could have been sketchy. Heck, that comment is a little sketchy coming from him – especially when he reminds me more of the rainman than any other kid we’ve had all summer.

      • Wow. I totally did not expect that to be comming from a 5 yr old!
        I’d hate to meet this kid’s dad. It’s amazing what we pick up from our parents…

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