The March

Even though I wasn’t able to go, I did check out the march on C-SPAN, and it seemed pretty awesome. There were alot of people there, and there were a few interesting speakers trying to rally the “movement” towards the impeachment and removal of Bush and his people for being war criminals.
I don’t know whether or not its going to happen, I mean, is abusing war the same things as commiting war crimes? I highly doubt the disrespectful soldiers at Abu Ghraib were really acting on the President’s orders and that he condoned the demeaning pictures the same way other leaders have ordered mass murders.
Besides, just because Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied ’bout an extramarital affair there’s no reason whatsoever should we really impeach a guy that 1)had such a highly contested election, leading one to believe that there were alot of people who did not want to see him in office 2)started a war to find “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and finding none, continues to want to fight against an intangible object 3)is at least paritally responsible for how gas prices have tripled since I entered college, and 4)just looks like a vacant fruit-eared bat. But the last reason is not a good reason to impeach any guy, he can’t help the fruit-eared bat look – however he can help the death, destruction, and bad name he has garnered for America and Americans throughout the world. I mean, people in friggin’ Australia (according to Taymo) are looking at the Katrina disaster and asking him about the problems with our government, our people, and how a president could remain in office who would allow such a natural disaster to lick the people he (mis)represents. Anyway, you can click on the flier and it will take you to the homepage of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) and they have a neat form you can send to say “Hey, even though I wasn’t physically there, I agree with the stuff that those kids who were marching were saying”

Anyway, I went out with Janzie last night and had an eventful night on the town…one in which I spent a whole lot of money (I think about $50 all told), and had a good time running into people I know (from high school and stuff) and just partying it up with some of my really good friends from freshman year. We went to Spice Street, The Library, and Top o’ the Hill, and they were all pretty swingin’ affairs – just all swingin’ in their own little individual ways. 🙂 Ended the night walking home, talking to Patrick on the phone, and watching some South Park…I didn’t even get two letters done of the crossword…sigh…


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