It’s all about me…a my supersonic personality

Following Elysa’s example, I decided to talk about my own interests…just because my brain hurts from studying astronomy so hard. Anyway, read, enjoy, post one in your own journal…whatever…

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astronomy: I work at the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, where I’ve wanted to work since the first day I stepped foot in the planetarium, and I’m taking an introduction to Astronomy class. And while I wasn’t really too interested in Astronomy before, contemplating stars and stuff blows my mind – note, my mind is so blown that my vocabulary has been reduced to “stars and stuff”. Besides, it’s fun to show off.
  2. crossword puzzles: I am a crossword puzzle junkie. It all started back in Stat 11 when Molly Rankin could finish the crossword, and I couldn’t. Ever since that boring class, I’ve gone on a daily DTH hunt to find crossword puzzles to keep my mind busy in class. I hunt them down in the N&O we have delivered – and my family has gotten me puzzle books for almost every present-giving holiday. Doing the crossword puzzle is one way for me to allow my mind to quit thinking about stuff.
  3. dancing: Not real dancing, just like, bootie-shaking dancing. I used to do real dancing, that was fun, but that was then. Also, I took a social dance class that was awesome – so I find ballroom dancing amusing. Actually, any dancing that allows me to meet new people I dig.
  4. good books: I’m an English Major, and I got into Spanish for the literature component of studing the language. If I didn’t like good books, I’d be in the wrong line of study.
  5. invader zim:”Why is there BACON in this soap?”-Zim
    One of the most awesome cartoons in existence.
  6. linguistics: I think this has something to do with liking good books. How people choose to say what they choose to say really says alot about the person they are. I really like learning about different languages because it says alot about the values and cultural ideals of the people who speak that language.
  7. music: I live for music. I constantly walk down the street planning the soundtrack to my life. If you’ve ever seen me driving in the car, you know that music is one of the things that makes me happiest. I like to sing (although, not lately, seems as though no one wants to hear me. :-p), and dance, and play various musical instruments.
  8. nerd camp: This would be summer camp at MPSC. Again, I love my job, and I love the people I get to work with. The people are awesome, the kids are awesome, the place is pretty neat…
  9. parties: Parties involve music and dancing, therefore I like them too.
  10. scrapbooking: Perhaps I’m just afraid of forgetting things, but I really enjoy taking pictures and putting them in photo albums and then looking at them and laughing over stuff. So, the next best thing, since I enjoy language, etc., is to add journaling that tells me more information about what was going on at the time the picture was taken. The laughs are louder and last longer – but it also takes longer to make them…

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