Boo Macintosh

Everyone at the P’tarium has had to struggle with the Macs. We all know the frustration of the “Mac Experience”. At any rate, Darin sent me this link, and if you guys haven’t seen it, you should. LOOK AT THIS, seriously, it’s funny as all get out.
Apparently, somone else understands our frustration – and totally misunderstands the whims of Desmond and Bob, who JUST LOVE the Macintosh.

My favorite quote: “The update button is jumping at the bottom of the screen like a f*ckin’ Jack Russell Terrier!”


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  1. So THERE!
    I’ll give you three reasons:
    1) There are hardly any viruses made for Macs.
    2) Macs are more efficient with their hardware.
    3) They are simple to use. Just because everyone grew up with PCs doesn’t mean that Macs are evil.

  2. Re: So THERE!
    oh, Elysa!
    They are evil!
    1) No one makes viruses for them because no one cares about them!
    2) They aren’t more efficient to use if no one can figure them out…
    3) and the desktops are all messy! The programs don’t open in sutiable sized windows… But I guess this is not quite as good a reason.

    • Re: So THERE!
      the desktops are not all messy! Mine is very neat and organized (well, untill someone else comes along and messed it up, anyway) The program windows are easily resized. blah 😛

  3. please send this TO bob 😉

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