P’tarium and Nasa Stuff

Okay, this is old news, (about a month old) but I really should have said something earlier on here. There’s no excuse for sitting on information for that length of time.

But at any rate, UNC is in the news – BBC, CNN, Yahoo, NASA, etc. – for our astronomical and physical prowess. A team which included the P’tarium’s own Josh and Chelsea found the most distant explosion ever detected, and was headed up by one of the Extinction! show stars, Dr. Dan Reichart. At any rate, anyone reading this is probably thinking “It was far away, right, big whoop.” However, I haven’t yet gotten to the amazing part (or I could say “Lakini…” because “Lakini” is Swahili for “However”..but, I digress). What’s really cool about this is that it is at the edge of the visible universe. That’s right, we’ve been to the edge my friends.

Okay, not really. It was found using a satellite, NASA’s Swift Satellite. Yay for NASA. However, we found it first with the Southern Observatory for Astrophysical Research in Chile, which we can control from here. It has a redshift of 6.29 – meaning that the light waves, due to the Doppler effect, have stretched out a long ways – letting us know that the star, which seems to be all by itself out there at the end of the Universe, is 13 billion light-years away. That means that light, which travels from the Sun to the Earth in about eight minutes, took 13 billion years to travel from this explosion to Earth.
That amount of time is inconceivable to me.
Think about it. This is, like, before Moses! And Adam and Eve! And Dinosaurs!

But at any rate, you can read all about it on Yahoo, and you can look at pictures , at NASA’s home on the web.

I hope the dudes from Hitchhiker’s is going to the other end of the universe to eat, because apparently there was a big explosion at this end about 13 billion years ago.


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