The Day After Yesterday

“What’s the title?”
“The Day After Yesterday”
“Oh…you mean today?” — Maya and Miles in “Sideways”

Not that I like the movie…just that I think that’s an interesting title. And it makes me wonder how many other perfectly ordinary things I can unnecessarily describe. But, I digress.

The real reason I’m writing in my journal is to announce that I have FINISHED THE GRE!
Took that sucker yesterday, and did relatively well, I think. I was proud of myself, at any rate, and I’m hoping that it’s enough to secure that I don’t have to take it again. Not ever, no never.
So I went shopping with the roommate, since we were near the mall anyway (gasp! shock! horror!), and then I went out last night to celebrate with Alex (the boy, not the girl). While we were on our way to Goldie’s we saw a friend, Mac, chillin’ out in Linda’s. We went in all excited and stuff, because Mac is leaving us for ever on Monday – heading to Hawaii to become part of the 5-0 *cue the Hawaii 5-0 theme music* and this would probably be our last time to see him. Turned out that Mac was hanging out with a lot of people I know. black_daisaku, girlfriend Rachel, and all their friends who I met at one of Julius’s parties.
So that was fun.
And I saw Jenn Kling.
And The Boy’s un-current girlfriend (is “un-current” a good enough unnecessary description? Since I’m trying to throw those in…)
It was kind of funny, because the conversation went like this:

Jenn: “Oh! You should come downstairs! There’s a whole group of us! Brian, Heather…”
“Yeah…I don’t think that everyone downstairs would be as excited for me to join you as you are. I mean, I don’t think Heather would really enjoy that, you know?”
“Oh my GOD! I totally forgot! No more shots!”

And then she gave me a big hug, because well…that’s what people who drink shots do. :-p
After that Alex and I left, and we went back to his place where he played some of the new songs he learned, and we talked about life, and love, and music…and it was great, we had a good time just hanging out. He drove me home, because I was in no condition to drive (Somehow, I bought not one bit of alcohol last night, but my cup did runneth over with Red Oak. It just magically, with the help of Mac, kept refilling itself).

That was fun.
But, I must keep my eye on the bigger picture – that promises to be like, just the most fun ever!
Going out of town for Thanksgiving, whoo-hoo!, and there’s only like, 37 days left!


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