It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Every time I think I’m havin’ problems, someone else comes along and makes me feel like cuh-rap for even thinking about complaining. Such is life at the moment. So, while I was going to update my journal full of fun, I-hate-stuff-right-now, entries, I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that. I have my health, a bit of wealth (very bitty bit), and my heart is feeling pretty good. And I’m going to have blue hair soon. I hope. So I’ll keep smiling and continue looking forward to the good things that are surely to come, and just try to deal with everything else one day at a time. That’s my suggestion for everyone else this week, as well, because for some reason this week has been one full of pooh.

Today was really quite beautiful, though. I must not have been the only person who thought so because there was an Alien picking flowers at the Sundial. He skipped all around the Sundial in between the roses. Every now and then he would stop, sniff, and then continue skipping along. At first I thought it was a giant fish…but no, it was an Alien. I kindly asked him to quit snapping the flowers off the rose bushes, and he apologized because he didn’t know that he wasn’t allowed to pick them. How could he know, he was an Alien… He offered me one of the three prettiest ones gathered. I turned it down because it had thorns. I guess he couldn’t feel the thorns, though, with his tough leathery hands. We crossed the street together and parted ways…and I wondered if I had lost my mind.
The gaggle of frat boys watching from across Franklin Street, however, assured me that I hadn’t.

Earlier this morning there was a little man who made me smile.
He was just walking along to the graduate library, minding his own business. That wasn’t what made me chuckle. What made me so happy is that he was wearing a three-piece, olive green, corderoy suit.
And he was much shorter than I.
And bald.
With shades.
He looked like a leprechaun licensed to kill, and I’m sorry for all the short, bald, shaded people-in-green in the world, but looking like a Leprechaun Licensed to Kill (LLK) is just one of the things in the world which makes me laugh on the inside.

So, I just pick out moments like these, moments where leprechauns and aliens just pop up out of nowhere and make the F* on my transcript almost bearable, and remind myself that as crappy as stuff is, there is always some humor to be found somewhere…And that makes me look forward to tomorrow.


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  1. I definitely got off the bus right in front of the ptarium and who was sitting there but the alien! I looked at him and he gave me a chinup.

  2. sounds like you had a pretty good day

    • Actually, on the contrary. I was having quite a bad day that day. 🙂
      Those were about the only two things that helped pick me up. That, and The Boy…as cheesy as that sounds.

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