“And so this is Christmas. Tell me what have you done?”

Good stuff happened, like the end of the semester!
I’m alive! I didn’t think I would make it!
Although, my car is pretty sick at the moment.
But that’s okay. Is there a better time for a car to get sick than during the “Christmas” holidays when you have lots of other places to throw your money other than on yourself? Of course not!

I think I’m becoming a Scrooge…Christmas shopping, Christmas stuff, as far as “Christmas” goes “The Holidays” sucks! Bah! Humbug! And I know that um, everyone says things about “what christmas has become” like it was any different in 1985 or 1995…the fact is, it wasn’t. I just wasn’t concious of the fact that I was buying into the whole thing and that NOW I don’t feel like doing that anymore. And, I refuse to say things like “The Planetarium will be closed for the Holidays” because it’s not true. We’ll only be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — we’ll only be closed for one holiday, and that’s Christmas. We don’t have a “Holiday” show, we have a “Christmas” show, because the things is about the derned Star of Bethlehem and not Santa Claus, Rudolph, or the Maccabees.

I’m not in the seasonal spirit… which is good because I’m convinced that the “Seasonal Spirit” is somewhat evil, as evidenced by the chick that flipped me off because I wouldn’t let her cut in front of me in the crazibuzy mall parking lot, and the horde of people that ran me down today at the Planetarium so that they could learn all about Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Men from our “1969 Carl Zeiss Model VI Planetarium Projector which can project up to 9,000 stars, the sun and the moon, and five planets because those are the only ones you can see with the naked eye.”

At least The Boy loves Christmas. This could be a pretty good match. He hangs the lights, I tear them down after “Christmas” with glee. He buys the presents that make people all excited, I buy the presents that people need to get through the rest of the year — like underwear, and socks, and all those other uncreative things. What I like about Christmas is being with family, and having an excuse to relax, and eating good food, and thinking about stuff like, “Hey, even if this Jesus-Dude we celebrate wasn’t born on December 25 and may have not been the Messiah the whole idea that one guy could have such an impact on the world, both negative and positive, is an amazing thing!” and…”Wow, so on this night, for years, and years, and years, and years, people have been getting together and taking part in the same tradition I am right now. And people across the world are also taking part in this tradition, this whole tree and hot chocolate business.”

And so happy Christmas (War is over)
For black and for white (If you want it)
For yellow and red ones (War is over)
Let’s stop all the fight (Now…)


About alburnet

New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. happy christmas to john 😉

  2. i do think it’s rather bizarre that we celebrate with trees in our living rooms.
    and about the ptarium, i saw the gift shop was completely packed before your shift…i hope they weren’t too hard on you! my mom just found out today that we’re doing SOB, and as i was explaining the show, an SOB radio commercial came on. my family is coming to see it during my shift on the 26th.
    socks can be a fun present. and eating is always good.

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