The predicament

I’m trying to apply to grad-school, and it’s time to make a decision.  Am I going for licensure in English (9-12) or licensure in Spanish (K-12).  Ever since deciding to double major, I knew I was going to have a difficult choice, and now it’s come down to weighing the pros and cons, which you can read, if you will
I knew that this day would come, and today is the day to choose.
I’ve been going back and forth for a long time, and I’m having a really hard time deciding because each path has it’s own sets of pros and cons behind it.

  I could go into the MAT program with the intention of becoming a highschool English teacher.  I think this could be fun.  I mean, I like reading, and I’d like to teach other kids to read and write, and how to read for deeper meaning and just for pleasure, stuff like that.  I want to teach high school, because I think I’d enjoy working with older students.  Besides that, all of my best grades in college have been in the field of English, clearly demonstrating that either an English major is pretty easy or I’m good at the English language.  Because of my better grades in this area, and travels to England, perhaps I have a better chance of getting into graduate school in this area.
  However, I have always wanted to be a Spanish teacher.  One, because I like learning new languages, and two because I feel like there are not nearly enough Spanish teachers while we’ve got English teachers out the wa-zoo.  And by “wa-zoo” I mean that if you looked up the word “wa-zoo” in the dictionary you would find pictures of English teacher’s flying out of some sort of wa-zoo like contraption. With wings..and chalk..and maybe a copy of Anne Frank’s diary. 

Seriously though, I’ve wanted to be a Spanish teacher ever since I watched one of my high school spanish teachers become overloaded with work because there was only one spanish teacher for that end of the county.   *patriotic music* And I vowed, THEN AND THERE!, that I would become a Spanish teacher, return to the county of granville, para enseñar español a la gente del campo. */patriotic music*.

Actually, I did think about it quite a bit after that and thought “Hey, that might not be such a bad job.”  And, I enjoy a challenge, and wow, has my spanish major been alot of hard work and a huge challenge!  Besides that, since working at the planetarium, I’ve discovered a love and a patience for little people.  Kindergarten through 2nd grades are my favorites, because I can be as silly as I want without feeling the judgmental eyes of the middle schooler upon me.  However, teaching on the elementary level does not really offer my students an opportunity to grow, as I’ve found that with most middle school and earlier foreign language programs, students have to start over with everyone else once they reach high school.  And I could never hope to move past letters and colors to the serious literature that caused me to fall in love with the language and culture.
  But I’ve never studied abroad in a spanish-speaking country, and it does not look like I’m going to get the opportunity to do more than a bit of traveling — no serious studying.  And I never wanted to be one of those teachers that has never been anywhere or done anything and come back to tell my students about the wide world around them.  Those teachers always bothered me a bit in school, and i vowed THEN AND THERE! that I would never be one of those teachers — the teacher that didn’t go to the peace corps because she got married and her husband couldn’t come with her, so she stayed around in the town in which she spent her entire life.  Not that there is anything wrong with being one of those teachers, she was still a good teacher, but I’m deathly afraid of being one of those teachers.

Besides that, the OPI is expensive and intimidating.

Choosing English, because I’ve got experience in that area, feels like accepting defeat.  And saying “Well, I’ll choose English for now, go back and get my licensure for Spanish later when I have an opportunity to travel,” feels like a cop out.  Really, if I’ve been saying I was going to travel for about four years, and I haven’t yet, what makes me think I will do it in the next four years when I have other things to take over my mind.  I also worry that if I begin teaching English, I will not have time to continue practicing Spanish and that by the time I get around to getting licensure to teach Spanish, I will be so rusty and out of practice that I will be perfectly useless.  Really, while I remember alot from Senior year in high school, it’s only the things that I use on a day-to-day basis now that I vividly recall.

So there it is.   I’m better in English — better equipped to teach high school English.  But I feel like I would be admitting defeat and settling for something I do not really want to do if I do not at least try to teach Spanish.


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