Planetarium, otra vez

The p’tarium is in the news, once again. The funny thing is:
1) I remember this lady coming in to visit and asking me questions about the show she saw with her little boy.
2) I think that Sol’s lines about “I’m strict with my family members” is borderline obsessive as well.
Check it out


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  1. i keep them in line with a little force i’d like to call CHILD ABUSE.
    Astro is a crack addict.

  2. Hmm. She seems a little hostile to me…

    • Actually…
      I remember her coming in, and I know that she’s come before. I remember her because after the show she came by and asked me how to spell Zeiss and said “I’m a reporter for the N&O and I was thinking about doing a story on this”. So yeah…she’s the same person who asked me if I could turn the air conditioning down and I had to, of course, say “No.” Actually, it was a lot colder that day – many people asked me about the a/c. At any rate, maybe it (the article) was hostile, just a bit, because she was freezing while watching the show.

  3. It didn’t sound too bad, but articles like that kinda throw me… the ones where they complain, complain, complain, “but the experience was great, you should totally go!” Granted, she didn’t really sound too displeased… and was fairly honest about everything. Gotta respect honesty, even if it’s not completely in your favor.
    I always wanted to respond to the A/C question with “well, Z is from Germany – apparently it gets pretty cold there in the winter, and so she likes it chilly.” Followed up by the real reason, of course.

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