I’m bored, which means that it’s time for a journal update.

So every year, about August 3rd (mainly, because that’s my birthday) I begin sit down to remember all the stuff that I’ve done over the past year. I find this helpful as I get older, because it seems that since I’ve turned 18, each passing year has flown by. This year is no different. Though it seems to have flown by, I’ve actually done quite a bit. My main accomplishment is finishing school. Although, I should note, that after obtaining this awesome and wonderful degree,

I seem to recall people saying, back in the day, that if I went to college it would pay off. Worlds would be opened to me, I could do whatever I wanted to do.
So far, I’m doing the same thing that I did while I was in school. The little slip of paper hasn’t made much of a difference. This became especially apparent last week when some of my summer school kids, the kindergarteners mainly, decided to pull me down to the floor and tickle me. As they shoved their cute, but grubby and germ-filled hands, into my neck (I’m sure that’s where this virus-or-something came from *cough and sniffle*)and climbed all over my arms and my back I sat down in a chair to take stock of my life. One of the kids, Rachel, climbed into my lap to play with my hair, look into my eyes (why do small children feel the overwhelming need to sit nose-to-nose?) and turn my head back and forth. She turned my head to look at my coworker, Jarrett, and I said, simply: “I’ve got a degree, B.A. in English and a second major in Romance Languages from the first public, and one of the most distinguished universities, in the nation. I’m a grad. student, working on getting my Master’s in teaching…I was great once.” She thought I was hilarious, but I actually stole the joke from my father, who, when feeling particularly beaten down by the pressure of caring for a big family, would say “I used to be a warrior. I was a great athlete, a master of martial arts, and a heavyweight boxing champion…” I called him to tell him that I’d had one of those moments. He laughed and told me to enjoy it while it lasted because one day I’ll be working with older kids, who could care less about looking into my eyes, or playing with my hair, or knowing that they could make me smile and laugh.

Do I really want to teach high school?

Oh, yeah, also…
I guess I’m frustrated by the fact that I’m in a down-swing healthwise (I’m losing more protein, and I’m weirdly achy and sore) having gained a bunch of weight, and having to confront the fact that I’m having to take more and more of some of the medications before they have any effect. I fear, remotely, coming to a point when my doctors tell me that no, it really might have bad side effects to take fifty-million grams of whatever-it-is…

For right now, I’ll sit around, playing on my laptop, watching house, and working on this AWESOME purple-and-pink tweed scarf I’m knitting for the winter. I hope I’ll have enough yarn…


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. I bet you watched Monk & Psych too! (As did I!) “Paaaass the dutchie on the left hand side…”
    PS- Way to bring us all down! I kid I kid.

  2. *huggles*
    I miss you Lici.

  3. I have that moment when I think about high school and how smart I was back then. Of course I haven’t gotten less smart, but college kicked my ass. And I just kept thinking – “But I was so smart in high school…”
    It’s humbling. Which is good. Now I’m gonna kick college’s ass.
    Sorry your health isn’t great – if you need anything, lemme know (since I live down the street)… again, the party was awesome – that’s for inviting me. I wish I could have stayed longer, you have a beautiful home. 🙂

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