Yesterday’s Weather

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.
I walked out of the Star Theater, expecting to see the same hoary headed heavens that followed me into the theater. Instead, sunshine and a brilliant blue sky greeted me at the back door. I was, at the time, talking to my mother on the phone, and I could only comment on the beauty of the weather.

Accidentally/on purpose…sort of…(It’s a big neighborhood!)… Because I simply wanted an excuse to walk around outside. It took me some time to figure out why it felt so good — it wasn’t just the cool weather, or the warm sun gently browning my skin — but there was something more, and I think I’ve figured it out. The weather yesterday brought back a flood of memories of good days that felt just like that. The days that I spent watching my little brother ride his bike around the cul-de-sac, or, more recently, the days I enjoyed a leisurely walk home down Hillsboro St. Later that afternoon, I stepped outside to go watch the meteor shower, and it felt like the first Halloween I had my own apartment, and Toothie and I decided to buy, and then carve, little pumpkins for the front porch. But, so much for reminiscences.

Though the good weather brought back old memories, it also ushered in some good experiences that I will probably think about on later dates. Por ejemplo, I took Ariana and Angela to the planetarium’s skywatching session at Jordan Lake for her birthday because this weekend the Perseid’s peaked and put on quite a lovely show. There were two or three REALLY bright fireballs that streaked acorss the lake…and it was great, because the weather was nice, the skies were clear, and the bugs were minimal. We layed out on a blanket in the grass for about an hour, talking about different constellations and watching the Perseids. ‘Twas fun. But what was even more fun than that, was just sitting around and chatting with my younger sister.

It was a good day…


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  1. BTW, we are having a house warming party soon. You and Jeremy are invited.

  2. I was totally at the skywatching session, too! It was my first (how sad), but it was totally awesome. I wish I’d seen you, though there wasn’t much seeing going on (though the meteors were very pretty – I was surprised to see so many so early.)
    I know what you mean about weather. Usually any time a season changes, I’m reminded of things I did over the years in the coming season. Summer to fall usually reminds me of first day of school excitement, fall to winter brings on hope of snow, winter to spring reminds me of playing outside more, and spring to summer makes me think of my best friends I had in elementary school. Kinda makes me wonder what memories will be added as the years go on… but it is a nice feeling.

    • Awe!
      I cannot believe that your name is starwidget, freggin’ starwidget, and you’ve never been to a skywatching session. Sigh. At any rate, YES, they were awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome.
      How’s stuff with you? Eh, you know what, I’ll just read your journal.

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