Okay, I know that I promised I would put up pictures of the ring, but I haven’t had a chance to…yet. The Boy’s camera needs new batteries, my camera runs on film so y’all know I ain’t wastin’ a role dedicated to my ring. So, that will have to come later. Like, probably…next year.

At any rate today, Friday, is my day off. And I am going to actually take the day off. Well, perhaps I’ll do a little research for an upcoming project. And maybe I’ll head to campus and take care of campus business. And just maybe, maybe, I’ll begin packing for the move to Asheville.

‘Tis official. I am moving to Asheville, at some point, with someone’s money, to some place. I’m not sure where yet — which is not good, considering that we have to be out of this apartment at the end of the month. And…the scariest thing of all. I might have to give up cable! But wait…Wait! Don’t take the cable! I just discovered the joys of Bravo! and Style Network! What will I do without my cable?
I’ll live.

Actually, the whole not-having-cable deal isn’t the scariest thing. What’s scariest is that everyone I’ve talked to…from former students (granted, it turns out that the two former students actually lived together for a time and bonded over the fact that they both disliked the principal) and to some of the teachers cannot give me a clear feel for the guy that I’m supposed to work for. Some of the teachers have said things like “Well…he grows on you,” and “Don’t come here if you’re the type of person who needs encouragement. He is not one to pat someone on the back, but is always going to tell you what you can do to improve.” The students said things like “I hated that guy!” and “He’s incompetent” and “He’s really nice, but he thinks he knows everything and he doesn’t listen to any one else.”

I go into this situation excited, scared, optimistic and cynical all at the same time.


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  1. My advice….
    without cable, your best bet is to get a Blockbuster online account, and start watching old TV shows. I suggest Freaks and Geeks.

  2. What school are you going to be working at? I agree with Julius about Blockbuster Online. We haven’t had cable since last July, but getting tons of movies all the time kind of makes up for.

    • Oh are you kidding me?
      The Boy had us both on Blockbuster Online as soon as it came out. It’s been pretty cool so far, though I was frustrated with the inability to get Angel in any sort of sequential order. 🙂

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