Monthly Update…or something like that.

Hi Kids!

I actually have enough time to sit down and update my livejournal. What with wedding planning and teacher planning, I feel a little swamped at the moment. Actually, I’m feeling a lot swamped at the moment.

We don’t have any trashbags (guess which boys have been to the store twice since I have and haven’t thought to grab any bags.)

There are papers everywhere.
There is grading to be done, everywhere.
There is CAKE to be eaten, everywhere. Although this last part, I’m not complaining so much about.

I just feel like I’m barely keeping up with everything I’m supposed to do. And I’m worried that if I blink at just the wrong time, I’m going to miss something very big.


About alburnet

New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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    PS- THERE’S A BOY, and he’s done with school. Thank jeebus.
    I miss joo.

  2. *smooches* I know how you feel. Well, minus the paper grading (since that’s not so much an issue in first grade). I have papers everywhere… currently, I’m trying to plan for next week. I have to have all my lesson plans finished and typed up by Monday, and I haven’t started. I’m tired of wasting my weekends to writing up lesson plans.
    And wedding planning? Ha! I feel guilty anytime I even think of getting married… since that’s one thought that was not devoted to student teaching. Though, there is quite a bit to plan, and I don’t think I want to be scrambling to get it done this summer/next fall. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze some in here and there.
    Take care, and send some cake my way. 😉

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