Dan Savage

I must say that I’m really frustrated with the whole Prop. 8 thing (Yay! I found something new to bitch about!). Seriously though, it seems to me that banning someone from getting married because of their sex or gender is tantamount to burning the constitution with the American Flag. In fact, it’s so personally frustrating that it’s the one subject I won’t let my students discuss in class, because I don’t want to hear it (or prohibit myself from soap-boxing) if they think that Californians are right in curtailing people’s liberties.

Of course, I could be wrong. All the gay people could get married, and then crime rates would shoot through the roof and the apocalypse will come, and hellfire and brimstone will rain down on the heads of those who, like me, said "It doesn’t hurt me if gay people decide to wed! In fact, it would make me happy if my friends and family members could enjoy the same rights that I, as a woman who married a man, enjoy. Why should I care to vote ‘no’?" I would be left there, sitting on a rock outside my apartment, getting prodded by a little demon with a hot-poker thinking "Hm…70% of California’s African-American population must have been right. I should have voted with them." (Which, really, my people, seems like an example of the oppressed becoming the oppressor, but I digress.) Somehow, I think I’d rather risk it than look like Tony Perkins in this situation.

Besides…I heart Dan Savage.


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