Isn’t it odd that for some reason, I can’t ever wake up on time during the school week. The alarm clock caws at me and I have to hit the snooze button before I can drag myself to the shower. Yet, when we have a break from school, I consistently wake up at 6:45AM or earlier.



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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. this is the jaqueta…
    1. I can never wake up and get to work on time. It’s a good thing my job is super flexible or my ass woulda been canned a long time ago.
    2. I am applying to grad school at Elon, woot.
    3. There is a boy…I think he’s actually older than you, lol. And no, he is not involved with the military, nor does he have kids or PTSD.
    4. I still don’t have your number (since my phone/purse/car keys were stolen) and you would have known these things if I had it 😦 Mine is still the same.
    Add me, foo.

    • Re: this is the jaqueta…
      I thought I gave that to you.
      I’ll call you.
      And what do you mean “actually older than me?” I ain’t that old. He can be older than me and still be a “boy”. 🙂

  2. He’ll be 27 tomorrow. And has nose hairs. Gee, I guess that kinda makes him an old man. I told him I’d get him a nose hair trimmer for Christmas and he was like, “No thanks, I’ll take care of it.” Lolz.

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