“Then I Hate the Chinese”…

…To quote Stewart from Mad TV.  (That’s one of my favorite Mad TV clips, by the way, right after the "That’s How We Sing" music video…anyway). Recently, I caught a commercial with an Asian woman steaming something tasty in the kitchen. She’s saying "not everyone has a bamboo steamer, like we do, though," when a man, whom we can assume is her husband because he’s distinctively Asian too, leans in and adds that the general lack of bamboo steamer is why they created Asian Inspired meals for Healthy Choice. Cut to picture of product with "Asian Inspired" written across the top.

Now, I’m waiting for Healthy Choice to name-drop. Surely, these are two famous Chinese chefs, right?  Perhaps they have their own cooking show that I haven’t heard of, and they have teamed up with Healthy Choice (like Guy Fieri guy did with TGIF’s) to create a new line of healthy frozen foods.

No names.
Just "Asian Inspired".
So who were the inspirational Asian people in the commercial? Did they create the meals? Is Healthy Choice made in China like all my other Christmas toys?

Who knows.  They just flash up a picture of two people of Asian decent (who have excellent American accents, by the way) and then expect us to buy their frozen products.

I can hear them in the ad agency now:

"We’ll show two Chinese people, and then tell people that they created the product!"
"Yeah, that’ll be swell!"
"Next, we’ll have fiesta foods, and we’ll show a cute Mexican couple…or maybe Rosie Perez…"
"Is Rosie Perez even Mexican?"
"It doesn’t matter! People will buy it because of her accent and brown skin! Next, let’s make frozen lunch-time chitterlings and have an Aunt Jemima look-a-like selling them!"
Oh, Healthy Choice. That’s so racist.

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  1. AHH I totally thought the same thing when I saw it!! I was expecting the name-drop too, and then I realized they were just two Asian actors. Hmm…

  2. It would be awesome if instead of a fork they included chop-sticks.

  3. I’ve been craving some food from Mill Town all day. Thanks, Alicia.

  4. Thank you. I hated that commercial, but I didn’t try to figure out why.

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