Good Answer!

So, each year, I take some of my favorite exam answers and write them down, just for shits and giggles.
Here’s some of the gems from this go-round.

What was the purpose of the poem “And Then They Came For Me”? What message might the speaker have been trying to convey with this poem?

1. And they came for me…(my favorite poem by the way) the purpose of that was because it was this person in the poem that seen the germans kill people by there group and saw what was going on but didnt speak up. And by the time it was his turn he wanted someone to speak up for him but they didnt. And I think the speaker was trying to say that sometimes people in this world do some crazy things and we just sit back watch and not speak for the things we know is wrong. But yet we want everybody to fix our problems. Stand up and speak out for what you know is wrong and help others fix there problems, and maybe in return they will help you.

2. "And then they came for me” is trying to send a message with this poem to say that itsa great poem and no matter what someone always gets it in the end.

Just like the title Things Fall Apart gives reader deeper insight into the story, so does the title A Doll’s House. Why do you think Henrik Ibsen chose this title for his play? To what could he have been referring?

1. "Who is Henrik Ibsen?"

2. Henrik Ibsen chose those titles because he knows they would catch peoples eye. Things fall Apart probably because people have family issues, and they might think its about that. And a dolls house, because of the gentlemens club “doll house”.

"The Cask of Amontillado" – summarize the story

"It is about somebody is on this boat and they are on their way home. And when the get home people are just standing next to the boat staring and waiting for them to get off the boat.”

And with that – school is over! (Okay, almost…I technically have one more exam, tomorrow. But I don’t have to grade that one. So, for me, school is over.)


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  1. “its called the cask of amontilado because their on a boat drinking santa shamp cause its so crisp”
    Thank you for that.

    • You’ve got the feelin’, now put in some more spelling errors, and you could be back in the ninth grade!
      PS – I WORK across the parking lot from you. We must hang out.

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