Date Night w/ The Boy

Yesterday was “the anniversary”. Apparently, it’s “the paper anniversary”. I dunno who comes up with these things, but I’ll play along.

I surprised Jeremy with a 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship Tee (not paper) and a fancy-schmancy frame for his 2006 diploma (paperful). And I made him an awesome breakfast, which included pancakes.

We shopped downtown (Nice Price, Visart). We watched Venture Bros – which Jeremy had surprised me with Sunday as part of our anniversary. Monday he also surprised me with a most beautiful poem (which was on paper) – called “You & I”, the poem recounts several vignettes from our years together, going over the romantic trip to Paris, the sunlit spectacle that was our wedding, and the way we moved all the way to Asheville just to move all the way back – and dinner at Provence, the restaurant he’d taken me to two years earlier for Valentine’s Day…the restaurant I simply loved. (I loved it this time too!) At the restaurant, he surprised me with meringue and ice cream (with chocolate sauce and whipped cream…and raspberry sauce on the side) which the ladies brought out with a single candle burning on the top. That was too cute.

Oh. And I drank alot of wine.
Which gave me a headache. And then I fell asleep, drooling (sexy, right?) at 8:30 PM.

That man must love me.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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