The movie was good. Better than that, it was great.
It’s no secret that The Boy will cry at a good movie, and that it’s not as easy for me to get the old waterworks going. However, this movie – this cartoon – made me cry at one point. (It made The Boy cry at three points, but that’s another story entirely).

The best thing about this 3-D Pixar venture is that it managed to deal with some pretty heavy issues (the death of a spouse, the pain of miscarriage, coping with illness, failure to keep promises) in one montage. A montage! It was the best montage I’ve ever seen – mainly because it ran more like one of Pixar’s cute shorts (and this movie has one of the cutest shorts attached to it, too) than cheesy montage. The movie features an old man who continues to grieve for the loss of his wife, the loss of his world, and the loss of his dreams.

The kid has some pretty heavy issues too – mainly that he has to carry around the weight of having an absentee father, and, though no one mentions it, I think he should be worried that his mother wasn’t freaking out when her child went over to assist the elderly and didn’t return for a few days. But again, that’s another story.

However, the best part of the movie – besides the fact that one could easily explain to their kids why the cute old couple never had any children – was that it made the ridiculous seem credible. Talking pack dogs? Great. Sentient bird? I like it! I was nervous when Dug first showed up, I thought it would ruin the movie in Doogle like fashion. But I found myself in love with that dog (who also had some pretty heavy issues of his own to deal with – mainly, the cone of shame).

Great movie for old people to share with young people…or…well…I was kind of concerned that Jeremy and I were going to look weird, at 25 and 24 years old going to see a kid’s movie with no kids. But there were lots of people around our age in attendance, so it was all good. Turns out that this family friendly kid’s movie is also a really great date movie.


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