Cream Cheese and Locs

So, I’ve found out a few things on my little loc journey – I’m actually kind of excited about my loc half-birthday, or my sixth-month "locaversary" – and in my infinite wisdom, I have decided to document my various hair-piphanies (okay, that’s pushing it…maybe I should have gone with "loc-piphany") and here they are:

1) One does not have to wait 4-6 weeks before getting little locs wet. I couldn’t do that. After one week, my head itched so badly that I was praying for a rain storm just had to rinse water through it. At week two – which is when I usually washed my hair – I couldn’t take it any more. I gave it a good scrub. And then I went swimming, because I love that. And washed my hair after that too. And I went to the gym…and washed my hair after THAT too! With a few touch up retwists, using holding spray and pink moisturizer to keep it in place, I returned to the stylist a little over a month later where they were given a GOOD scrubbing. Convinced I would sit up and all my twists would be gone, I patted my head furtively when the assistant wasn’t looking. When it finally came time to face the music, in the chair, my stylist said "Wow, your hair is looking good". I said "Awesome, because after you told me not to, I went swimming….twice."

2) Even if you don’t tie your hair up every night, it will be okay. So far, I haven’t noticed too much lint or wildness happening. Well, there is extensive wildness if I get my hair wet, don’t dry it, and then sleep on it. It has a tendency to "freeze" in whatever position it dries. But this is easily remedied with a spray bottle full of water and some hair ties.

I’ve never been good about my hair. I’ve never tied it down, or worn curlers ‘neath my kerchief, or even routinely donned a swim cap when I hit the chlorine. My beautician and mothers always chided me about this, but I couldn’t seem to get into the swing of it. So, when I got my locs, I was worried. When I first started, I heard this "sleep with a silk pillow case" rule and became convinced that I would be a walking mass of moldy, linty, Weaver Street-approved, hippie locs. I lamented my previous failures and, like I always do, promised to be better. And then promptly forgot. At my next retwist, only a few of the locs reverted to afro status. "Your hair is coming along nicely," she remarks. I smirk, and secretly vow to continue washing my hair whenever I wanted to and letting my husband run his fingers through my unfettered hair as I drift off to sleep.

3) Despite evidence to the contrary, on YouTube and elsewhere (which, YouTube happens to be a GREAT source for teaching me how to DIY when it comes to hair stuff), some products don’t seem to work for me. I read the latest rants and raves by other loc-rockers, and then I try it out myself. Lately, this whole Jamaican Mango & Lime Creme Wax thing has made me a little peeved.

First of all, there is no special "Jamaican Mango & Lime" recipe. It’s petrolatum, mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, and dyes and fragrances. That does not sound like an "ancient Jamaican recipe" to me. In fact…am I reading this right…does it come from Fayetteville, GA? Not saying that all things Rasta can’t be transplanted all over the world, but I’m wondering if this is a case of "Winston-Salem Pete".

Second of all, my hair still feels greasy! The people on the internets promised that there would be no build up. No greasy feeling. No sticky locs. Well, ‘nets, I think that I’ve still got some greasiness – something I didn’t get with the Organic Root Stimulator stuff.

Then again, this was only the first time that I’ve used it.
And it DOES smell really, really good.
And I did like the ease with which I was able to do my hair.
Maybe I just need to give it a bit of time.

*sniff sniff* Okay…maybe I’ll give it a second try. :-p


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