Avocado and Locs

Among some of the things that may not work for me and my hair...natural hair recipes!

I took this simple conditioner recipe (1/2 and avocado and 1/2 a cup of mayo) and somehow manage to decorate much of the bathroom with guacamole. I mean, it didn’t involve sour cream or anything, but it certainly looked like guacamole. And what I discovered (man, I wish I’d taken pictures) is that little chunks of avocado don’t…MUSH…well – until, of course, they fall out of your hair and onto the floor where, if you try to pick them up, they mush perfectly fine.

Disclaimer: Photo was taken BEFORE Avocado Fiasco

So finally, with my hair properly covered in this goop, I wrap it in a towel and do some grading – where I am slightly horrified at some of the “Works Cited” pages that have come out of my children’s brains and landed onto some paper. When I am finally ready to wash it out, I head to the sink and rinse. Then I look up, there are still a few chunks of avocado lingering. So I rinse some more. Um…the chunks aren’t coming out! That’s right, if you have LOCS, and you can’t COMB YOUR HAIR it is probably best to use something that you don’t have to pick out of them. I ended up having to do a little picking and a little hair ruffling – the latter activity was, admittedly, more fun, because it meant that I got to fling avocado bits ALL OVER the bathroom mirror! *sheepish grin*

And the result…shiny hair, slightly guacamole-smelling hair, but shiny nonetheless. Not really well moisturized, but certainly plenty shiny. Hmm…maybe I’ll try seeing what else I can cook up in my kitchen. Or MAYBE I should just stick to the fake stuff! :-p


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