There are a couple of things that I am particularly excited about this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Weekend – so I wanted to make sure to write them down.

1. I’m very excited that I’m almost finished planning my classes for next semester. The utter despair I felt last week has been replaced by cautious hopefulness. I might even be ready to teach Creative Writing. Maybe.

2. I’m very excited that I got to try out my new Christmas Presents. Mom and Kin bought me an entire Carol’s Daughter set, including an awesome Rosemary Shampoo, conditioning Tui Hair Smoothie (Dare I display my ignorance and declare that I’m not sure what a “Tui” is? Nah…no one else needs to know that…), Hair Milk, and some good smelling Loc Butter. I could not use these products at Christmas time, because I had a hair appointment for just a couple of days later. So I sniffed them all and stored them under the sink for my next personal hair care appointment…which was yesterday! Jeremy declares that my hair smells like a soufflé – which isn’t true at all, I think he just likes saying it. It smells more like…what you would get if you mixed together Rosemary, Lemongrass, Oranges, Sugar, and Patchouli – mainly because those are the main ingredients in the products, I s’pose. So, I retwisted my hair, and it felt great – well conditioned – and looked even better. I even got the approval of my old beautician when Sedia and I stopped by her shop yesterday to meet up with my mom and sister before heading to my cousin’s baby shower at Golden Corral. Phew!

3. Which leads in to the third reason I’m excited. Today my hair is seven months old! And it looks good! And I still like it! And at seven months old, it’s learned a new trick. About two weeks ago, I discovered that when I shook my head, my hair moves too. It whips back and forth delightedly. I don’t think I’ve had my own “shakey” hair (as my sister would say) since…maybe 2002…maybe. I’ve had plenty of shakey synthetic hair, but this is all mine! And yesterday, after I retwisted my hair, I got ANNOYED with a loc that kept creeping down my forehead and into my vision. That’s right, my hair was in my eyes. Well, my eye. Well…the corner of my eye. But it was long enough to be annoying, and that’s progress!


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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