It’s time for the requisite birthday reflection, the time when I go through all the stuff that’s happened in the past year and realize that, in general, life has been pretty good for me.  This has been the first year that things have been relatively stable.  For the past six years, at least, there’s been something new – drastically new – in my life.  And because I happen to be a summer baby, whose life revolves around a school calendar, my age usually begins with whatever big change is about to happen.

At 20, I got my first apartment.  21, I began dating The Boy.  22, we moved in together.  Right before I was 23, he proposed.  I graduated from grad school and got a new job four hours away from my home.  To celebrate, I shaved off all my hair.  At 24, I’d just gotten married and had moved back to my home town and was starting a new job.  At 25 we were celebrating our first year together – I got dreads (which I recently put into a hairstyle…my very first time putting them into a style other than pigtails or half ponies…that I did all by meself!)

And now…I’m 26.
And other than trying out new hairstyles, which I think I like btw – you can judge for yoursel’…

The past year has been refreshingly stable.
…we’ve celebrated our second year of marriage and moved about half an hour away from our "home" – although, Capital City is beginning to feel homey too.  But, then again, just to get sappy for a second, anywhere The Boy is, so too is my home.  So, there’s no big change there.  I did get, and then give up, a pit bull puppy.  And umm…I’m no longer an "initially licensed teacher", that’s cool…  And…I’m considering going back to school, maybe…but my opinion on that subject and eventuality changes every other week.

One thing that I will be concentrating on this year (every year, I have to have something new to concentrate on) will be my nutrition.  See, I’m sick of being out of control of my weight.  See, aside from doing something new each year, I’ve also been gaining and losing weight all over the place – 20 : 210.  21: 130.  22: 170.  23: 180.  24: 190.  25: 195-205.   Now, Kidney Disorder is a GREAT excuse to allow my body to do what it wants.  But frankly, about three years ago, I bought a pair of jeans for $80 and now they’re giving me a muffin top, and I refuse to get rid of expensive jeans until they are WORN DOWN!  HOLES, you hear me?!  (Granted, they were tight when I bought them, but I know that I’m at least 20 lbs heavier…and that probably don’t help. ) At a steady 10lbs a year, I’m not really looking forward to my future.  I don’t want to be 36 and looking to lose 120 lbs. instead of 20 – and if I’m thinking about having kids, I especially don’t want to set a bad nutritional example for them.

Not that my parents set a bad one for me…actually, come to think of it, no one in my family, with the exception of my step-mother, seems to be on the ball nutritionally.  So yeah, I’ll blame them for my inability to figure out what to cook/eat when.  So yes, options:

  • I’ve tried gym membership – that’s quite a story – and I like going to the gym.  Generally.  But exercise was how I’d controlled my weight previous to kidney problems and it doesn’t really seem to be working for me now.
  • I’ve thought about SlimFast and JennyCraig and NutriSystem and diet pills…but I refuse to "diet".  I don’t want to lose a bunch of weight just to gain it all back because I don’t know how to eat to maintain weight.
  • I’m considering a nutritionist, to see if s/he can’t help me figure out how to take care of my body in the long run.
  • I’m also considering saying "Forget It!" and being fat for the rest of my life…but since Jennifer Hudson went from a 16 to a 6…and since I’m reaching the end of my ability to wear crap from Banana Republic…I think that this might be a poor option.

I guess "C" it is!
So I’ll just call…
Maybe tomorrow…


About alburnet

New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. That style looks beautiful on you. Happy birthday! Cheers to another positive year of change. 🙂

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