Monday I felt a flutter in my tummy that made me giggle.  Could it be the baby moving?
Tuesday, when I felt the same flutter at around the same time (right when I was relaxing for bed) I felt more sure – it had to be the baby.  Especially when they seemed to respond to my husband’s attempts to find them.

So of course, I had to call my mom.
"It’s too soon, though, isn’t it?  I’m not yet 16 weeks!"  I asked her.
"Well…most women don’t know what to feel for…"
"What was that?!"
"I think the baby just tickled my insides."

It’s a disconcerting feeling – though reassuring at the same time – to have something moving inside your abdomen.  I keep half way expecting an alien to pop out at any moment.  (That movie must’ve traumatized pregnant women everywhere.) And how I can be sure?  I mean, it could be gas – so much of my life is gas at this point.  There’s no ruling that out, especially when I feel a giant, downward, "lub" that feels like my entire stomach is phalumphing over.

I’ll officially hit week 16 tomorrow – and I’m still barfy…well, more like retchy.  I’ve regressed back to how I felt at the very beginning of the pregnancy, just with less minute-to-minute queasiness.  I’ve also found that I can now stop eating six times a day.  I still eat more small meals than I did before, but I no longer get into these eat-or-barf situations every two hours.

Oh yeah – for Thanksgiving I did my hair and showed off my tums.  I’ve got pics of both.
Whoo hoo!
15 weeks


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. you look beautiful! are you having twins? I must have missed a few of your post! and your hair looks nice!

    • Ack! I’m kinda glad you said that!
      There’s only one bean (at least, that’s what the ultrasounds say) but apparently, I am measuring a bit large for the date. But…the reason why I’m glad you say this is because several people out here in the real world have said:
      “Oh, you’re pregnant? I didn’t notice.”
      And I’ve wanted to be like “SERIOUSLY?! Does my tummy look like this all the time?! SERIOUSLY?! I feel ginormous!” Actually, I might have said that to a person or two.
      I’m not sure if I should be glad that they’re saying I look slim, or if I should be freaking out about what they thought I looked like before! :-p

  2. awwww, there’s a bun bun in the oven.

  3. Bottom left picture is totally ace.
    Also: YAY!!!! This is so exciting. And your hair is getting looong. You should see how much it grows during pregnancy.

    • My aunt saw that one and was momentarily confused about how I’d taken it. 🙂 She thought the mirror trick was genius. 🙂
      And…my hair is actually out of control.
      I used to twist it meticulously every two weeks – and then I saw curlybits’s dreadies (and yours) and started to go to once every three weeks figuring that if you guys could have gorgeous hair by letting it do it’s own thing, I could too.
      However, lately, my hair has simply been rebelling. There is new growth everywhere, some dreads are stealing hair from other dreads…I swear, it’s all I can do to keep them separated. I don’t know if it’s the vitamins or the pregnancy itself, but my hair is, in fact, all over the place!

  4. LOOKIT YOU! Awww… and I love that you describe pregnancy so honestly. I really think it would simultaneously freak me out and amaze me to feel something independently moving around inside my uterus. I appreciate knowing that I am potentially correct.
    Also, I love the hair. I cannot imagine how much goes into creating and maintaining dreads. I am too lazy for anything other than wash-and-dry.

    • Thanks!
      Yes! Something independently moving inside you is…unnerving!
      And, I want to smack all of the people who are like “Oh, I just lurved being pregnant.” Because, honestly, the only thing I like about being pregnant right now is that I don’t have to worry about being a forreal mom yet. I can put that off until May. :-p
      Oh. And the hair. Is awesome.
      Wash, towel, the end. No combing, no brushing, no curling.
      About once a month, I retwist and clip.
      When it’s dry, I moisturize.
      When I bored, I make it cute.
      Other than that, I just let it go!
      Locs, I’m sure I love. Pregnancy…I still have mixed feelings about.

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