News and Updates

1.  I dyed my locs!  I’ve never had my hair dyed before – and I decided, after months of thinking about it – to get some sort of streaking done.  I settled on bright red.  And, I was super excited because the place that I went to not only dyed, styled, and super moisturized locs (and other forms of natural hair) BUT they also offered spa services…like prenatal massage.  So.  I spoiled myself.  And I was vurry vurry happy with the outcome.  The red is bright, however, I don’t think it’s overwhelming.  I definitely had a very good experience working with this particular company (The wonderful lady who did my hair said that it was gorgeous and healthy and that I must be doing something right…so there was that.) and I think that I will go back to them in the future, if my "regular" loctitian is completely booked up – as she usually is.

2. I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow!  That’s right, halfway done with the pregnancy!  (I already feel like a blimp, I assume that I’ll just get blimpier!)  And I think that the second half will go by much faster than the first, mainly because it feels like the past few weeks have gone by much faster than the first few.  But, the super exciting news is that The Hubs and I went for an ultra sound today and Old Bean is doing great.  And…Old Bean is a girl!  (Which means that The Boy and I can quit worrying about picking out the perfect boy’s name!)  My husband’s first exclamation, as soon as he could break out his cellphone when we left the hospital was: "Hey Mom!  I’m having a daughter!"  And then he got a little choked up.  Which made me choke up.  So we were teary-eyed all the way back to the car.
Besides being a girl, Bean also has a little heart, with little valves that pump her little blood.  She’s got two kidneys and a brain and a spine and all the other good stuff that babies need to be successful.  We got to see her legs and arms and toes and fingers – and we got to see her kick and punch and toss.  I don’t know if you can see it, but she’s definitely showing off her Tar…Heel…  Besides all this, we’re pretty sure her brain’s okay – unfortunately, she did not feel like being cooperative with the ultrasound technician and, despite our best efforts, kept her head comfortably nestled in my pelvis.

So, yeah, I was excited about finding out that she is a she, but I was even more excited about finding out that she is doing okay.  I’ve had plenty of time over the past few months to obsess about my decisions (Should I take this medicine?  Is the shower too hot?  Oh no, I was laying on my back all night, did Bean get enough oxygen?) that it’s nice to know that at this point, according to all the tests and computers and stuff, she’s doing great.

3.  We saw Black Swan with JQ today.  It was awesome and scary and confusing, all at the same time.  And I ate lots of popcorn as Bean tossed happily.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. Yay healthy baby.
    It’s kinda surreal to have so many friends reproducing. I bet it’s even more so for you.

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