The Last Time I Saw the Doctor

Right after I got to find out what type of kid I was having, I got to have a doctor’s appointment, where the following AWESOME-O conversation took place:

Me: Okay, so everything seems to be going great.  A little backache, a little headache, and a few stretch marks, but otherwise, I’m OK.
Doc: And the respiratory infection?
Me: Oh, yeah, I can breathe now.  Except…well, I keep coughing up hard chunks of mucous.  Occasionally with some blood.
Doc: That’s gross.
Me: Thanks.
The Doc (The Boy calls him "Doogie" despite the fact that he finished med. school fin ’96) is hilarious.  He prescribed Mucinex and, of course, acupuncture.  The man believes in acupuncture.

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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. Haha!
    I love a doctor that can be a tad weird about stuff. “That’s gross.”

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