They Know… (Week 21)

So, last week I went to Red Lobster and nearly cried when I couldn’t seem to get a glass of water.
When the drinks finally came, I immediately downed mine and The Boy pushed his over to me.  I was about to start working on my sweet tea when the waitress came over and said that she’d get me a refill right away.

Towards the end of the meal she leans in and says "So…do you know…?" and gestured towards my tummy. 
I was confused for a moment, and then I realized that she was politely trying to figure out if I was pregnant or just fat.  I think that the obsession with lemon-water and cheddar bay biscuits might have given me away.  It was the first time that a complete stranger had commented on my pregnancy – so I guess that means that other people can tell.  Exciting!  And Scary!  "Oh!  I’m due in May…and it’s a girl!"
"That’s wonderful!" she said.  "I’ll bring you some more water."

A few days ago I was standing in line.  A man got up and offered me his seat.  I said "No, thank you," but still – sweet!  Maybe people will begin to take pity on me and I can use this whole pregnancy thing to my advantage.  People have surprisingly little sympathy for a chunky chick who looks like she’s about to throw up or who looks a little too desperate waiting in line for the bathroom.  However, people have tons of sympathy for a lady with a basketball tummy and cankles.


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  1. exciting!
    thats exciting that your having a girl! I hope when my gf and i decide to have children that our first will be a girl, so much more cute things to buy. and you so need to post belly pics! lol
    will you be using cloth diapers or just disposable ones? lol weird question but i like to ask lol

    • Re: exciting!
      My husband and I have always wanted a girl. We only had girl’s names picked out. He’s written stories about our future daughter. We’ve talked about what life would be like when she was here, and all that since before we were married! So naturally I spent the entire first half of this pregnancy getting used to the idea of a boy. I didn’t want to get to the ultrasound, hear it’s a boy, and be sad because really, I was happy that it was just a baby.
      That said, as soon as we saw the three lines, we were both overjoyed. Somehow, we managed to hold it in until the tech actually said “it’s a girl” so that we wouldn’t somehow jinx it.
      And – I’ve really done some thinking on the cloth diapers issue. I’m glad you asked. I care about the environment. I care about the world I will leave behind to this child. But just like I don’t want my nose wipes or pads to be reusable, I think I’m sticking with disposable diapers. It was a hard decision – and I spent much time guiltily cruising diaper services and reading up on organic blogs. But at the end of the day, it came back to “Ewwwww….I’m going to have to wash it…” 🙂
      So yeah, I’m a terrible person.
      I clearly had a gender preference and I clearly want to fill the earth with rolled up plastic wads of my baby’s poo. :-p

      • Re: exciting!
        haha, it’s cool… I just know alot of people using them, im even trying to make some…. why i dunno im weird like that. but they have liners that if the baby does poop, you can she empty it in the toilet and flush.
        and ooo so many nice things for girls! im so excited and a May baby.. yay for spring/summer 🙂

  2. “People have surprisingly little sympathy for a chunky chick who looks like she’s about to throw up or who looks a little too desperate waiting in line for the bathroom. However, people have tons of sympathy for a lady with a basketball tummy and cankles.”
    That right there? Pure, quotable gold.
    Also…YAY!! A GIRL!!!!!

    • Thank you, thank you.
      This, I think, might make a good FB status.
      My last most popular stat was about a student of mine who wrote that a poem had “iam the contamiter” as it’s rhythm. I’m sure talking about my cankles will beat that. :-p
      How’s the lizard with the “lashes”?
      Still adorable, I hope!

      • …….
        I will never hear, read or write iambic pentameter the same again. Haaahhahahahahaha!!! *falls over*
        Ah, the gecko is doing really well! He’s happy and eating and even shed just recently! 😀

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