Baby Stuff…I need Baby Stuff…

And I’m freakin’ out
Yes freakin’ out…
Because I don’t know what I will need
When my little one’s up to…speed…
And I…think I’m done trying to make this into a song.

Long story short – I’ve been browsing the internets trying to figure out what exactly I will/may/might need when the baby gets here and, out of those things that could be helpful, what is best.  Do I get a sponge mat and stick the kid in the sink?  Or do I get one of those awesome washpod/tummy tub/stick-your-baby-in-an-expensive-trashcan type of things?  Can I just get a regular stroller, and if I do, what kind should it be?  Or do I need a new stroller?  Am I going to use cloth diapers?  Am I going to make the baby’s food?  And, oh my gosh, one day, I’ll have a four year old.  A FOUR YEAR OLD….at the State Fair…what will I need for that?Angry Koala Baby Duck

In an attempt to help curb my freakout, The Boy and I headed off to Babies’RUs to get a look at some of these products up close.  We shook baby beds.  We struggled with (and figured out for ourselves) how to take down a stroller.  The Boy shook activity centers, bounced toys, and played with the various music that comes with baby stuff.  We played them all to see which ones we could tolerate.  We felt blankets, examined stuffed animals, and made a mockery of quite a few of the slings and diaper bags.  We even bought a very, VERY, furious looking stuffed duck.  (I was bemused by the tiny sofas and armchairs for tots when I felt something gently tapping on my shoulder.  I turned around to face Mr. Duck.)  He appeared to be the last of his kind – and he appeared to be incredibly unhappy.  So we thought we’d take him home with us.  He doesn’t appear to be much happier – but I’m sure that, with time, he’ll be okay.

So yes.
That was fun.
We came away feeling much more…fulfilled in the baby stuff finding department.  We each have a better idea of what we might need or might want, and we each have a better idea of just how much space we’re going to need to allocate to this very little person.


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  1. The Tummy Tub looks amazing. That’s probably something I’d go for, mostly because I feel weird about bathing in sinks (will I ever get the sink clean enough?! Gah, I don’t know!! D:).
    I bet that was fun playing with stuff though. And that poor, angry duck. He’ll be ok. I looked at the other plushes they offer, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the polar bear one. It looks utterly depressed.

  2. Baby in a Bucket
    I’m really going to need someone to explain to me how that tummy tub is not just a baby in a bucket. I feel like someone would call social services if you just stuck your baby in a regular bucket, but if you buy an expensive bucket it’s okay?

    • Re: Baby in a Bucket be fair…this bucket does have a skid proof bottom…and…it’s blue…and…tons of other European stuff. So, that’s totally why it’s awesome. Right? 🙂
      I think I’m going to go with a Puj Tub ( mainly because I can fold it, unfold it, and hang it up to dry – so I don’t have to worry about storing a plastic one or spending tons of time cleaning out little nooks and crannies.

  3. i think you three may need some homemade knit stuff. so tell me colors you and the boy want to see your baby decked out in.

  4. i just realized you don’t know who this is if i post anonymously. you must have other compulsive knitter friends by now, right?

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