Pics and Updates

So…I figured it was about time for some photo updates – because I hadn’t put them on here in a while.  If this is going to be a super-awesome compilation of reflective information about my pregnancy, I think I should have some super-cute pictures of my tumms to show off.

Here goes:

Week 16:  One week after Thanksgiving.  I was just about to go swimming with one of my friends. 16 weeks And this was, alas, the last time that bathing suit (which is peeking out underneath my sweater) fit me.  I haven’t been swimming since.  Oh – and why was I wearing a sweater?  It ended up snowing later on that day.  Snow.  Ridiculous, right?  Apparently not this year.

Week 18: Right after Winter Break started.  After some incredibly stressful days at school, I was really ready to hit the couch hard for the next couple of weeks.  And OMG – the rest was amazing!  I also like this picture of my tummy.  Even though I was complaining about stretch marks then, they look like chumps next to some of the amazing squid tentacles that are coiling their way around my hips.  I think this might have also been the week that I noticed two tiny cat scratchesque stretch marks appear on the front of my belly.  Joy!

Week 20:  Not only involved me getting my hair dyed, which was quite awesome but also involved me finding out what the sex of my child was.  I think I might have actually written about that on the ol’ livejournal there.  It was quite an exciting week.  Oh – and there was also some prenatal massage and a mani/pedi party with my Mother-in-Law.  All of these things, besides the awesome Christmas time I had, made me feel super special at a time when it was getting more difficult to reach my feet.  I don’t think that at this point I could comfortably paint my toenails.  I mean, I think I could get there, but not comfortably. 

Other awesome things that happened during time: this year was the very first year in my entire whole lifetime that it actually snowed on Christmas Day.  And then continued to snow.  And then kept snowin’.  Yes.  Snow in North Carolina has been rather plentiful this season.  It is January, and it has already snowed thrice.  THRICE!

Week 22: Um. Now. Yeah.  Can I get much more pregnant than this?  I mean, I’m sure that I can (and will) I just can’t imagine it.

At work, I’ve got exams (actually, I should jump on top of making sure that my fourth period exam looks the way I want it for Wednesday) and I’m in the midst of trying to figure out what to do about getting a new car. 

At home, I find that my back is killing me, sometimes I am at the point of crying when trying to walk.  There is a sharp, stabbing, pinching pain in my lower back when I put too much weight on my left leg – and I discovered that this may be because I have a tendency to fold my left leg underneath me when I sit.  I’ve also found that it is nearly impossible to get comfortable in bed – I can’t imagine this feeling getting any worse.  And I’ve found that it’s really hard to just pop-up and hop out of bed like I used to.  It’s even difficult to sit up to reach the remote control when I’m laying on the couch.  Finally, my favorite discovery came last night when talking on the phone and planning a trip to La Mez.  I can lay my cell-phone on my new tummy-shelf. It’s the perfect place for hands free dialogue!  The tummy is not quite big enough to hold a drink, but I anticipate it getting there eventually. Especially since I’ve been eating like crazy.  Last week, I was crying about how I’m "definitely going to be a major fattie when this is all done" because of how much I’d eaten that day.  The Boy rubbed my back and made me promise not to talk to his mom anymore about how much weight she gained and then couldn’t lose when she was pregnant with him.  I did.  And then I made myself some lunch.  And them I made some second lunch.  :-p

At any rate, I hope to be more…on top of things when it comes to updating some of the pictures on my blog.
Especially when my belly button pops out.  I think that this will happen relatively soon, because it’s getting REALLY shallow.  I can see the end of the tunnel.  And it’s not pretty.


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  1. Ooooh my goodness!!
    Stop it RIGHT NOW!! You’re going to give me baby rabies.
    Anyways, your locks are looking fabulous. Are they growing like weeds yet? I’ve always seen that hair grows SUPER fast during pregnancy. And the color is great. Yay red!
    I’ve always joked that seeing a pregnant lady with a popped belly button means she’s just about done cooking. I wonder if you’re just going about your business, and *POP*! Or is it gradual? Hmmmm…

    • I know! I know!
      You don’t want baby rabies!
      I used to say “Wow, that’s so cute, it’s making my ovaries tingle!”
      (Like, I said that once about a guy friend who is about 6′ 5″ and was holding hands and walking with a group of about 16 four year olds.) But my husband said “You know, if I said that something was making my gonads tingle, you’d be suspicious.”

  2. Awww… Great pics and pregnancy details. This is super-exciting!

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