So Much!

Oh it’s time for an update.
And a picture dump.
Here goes.

  1. II can still see my toes...if I lean over! signed up for an AquaMoms Prenatal Swim Class.  The first class that I signed up for, the Tuesday class at Gold’s Gym, was apparently cancelled without my knowledge.  I went.  I sat in the pool.  I swam around.  And, when I realized I’d been stood up, I was very sad.  However, it all worked out for the best because after making a few phone calls I was switched to the Saturday class at Pullen Park.  There were other pregnant ladies there.  It’s tons of fun.   And I bought a preggie bathing suit and peacoat (shoot, it’s cold outside!) for the occasion.  I’m beginning to outgrow the bathing suit.Waiting For Class
  2. We took a four week Prepared Childbirth class (we only met once a week) where we learned about labor, delivery, various positions, and the potential evils of epidurals.  I would like to attempt to do this naturally, but I’m very realistic about my inability to tolerate pain of any sort.  So…yeah.  That might not happen.
  3. We made a baby registry at Babies ‘R Us finally.  And we’re probably going to have three baby showers in the coming months.  Hopefully, everything on the meticulously planned list will be bought.  And, if not…hopefully the stuff we need will be bought.  As it is, The Boy and I have picked up a few supplies ourselves – mainly decorating, baby proofing, and organizing type supplies.  I get excited by the FedEx and UPS packages – I don’t know what I’m going to do when I come home and don’t see the little "We tried to deliver this junk, but you weren’t here, because we deliver things during people’s normal work hours, so we left it in the office" stickies on my door.  The Boy rearranged the house by himself and cleaned it from top to bottom.  Well…from left to right, because we live in a single-level apartment.  But at any rate, he changed the office to a baby room.  A baby room without a crib, currently, but that’s a note for bullet number 3.
  4. We picked a baby crib.  Finally.  Mom tried to ask us if we were sure…"But what about…" she would suggest.  After six months of agonizing over crib decisions, we were done.  We’d made our final choice.  The end.  We ordered it.  It’s on it’s way.
  5. We bought a new car!  After six months of agonizing over this decision, too, it’s great to finally be able to pick something that we’ll feel safe driving our daughter around in.  A black, 2008 Honda CR-V.  The Boy gets to drive it to work, which is sad.  However, I get to drive it on the weekends, to awesome things like StellarCon!  And, most importantly, it has enough room to hold stuff.  Lots of stuff.  So hopefully, once we have a baby and we have baby things to drag with us, it’ll be all good.
  6. Oh – my pelvis feels like it’s going to fall apart.  After chaperoning the Winter Formal (I looked AWFULLY cute)  at the school – where I wore heels, did "The Jerk", and generally ran around like I Cute!wasn’t pregnant, the relaxin (yeah, it’s really called relaxin) that made my pelvis generally achy actually made me feel like crying.  That night, rolling over in bed without The Boy’s help wasn’t an option.  Getting out of bed without The Boy’s help wasn’t an option.  In fact, walking to the bathroom without The Boy’s help wasn’t an option.  Apparently, when you’re pregnant, there are hormones that loosen your joints – with good reason.  Also, apparently, this can hurt really bad when your pelvis is flexing all whickety-whackety.  So far, it’s improved drastically – but only because I’ve been sitting back with my feet up as much as possible.
  7. And oh yeah – my belly button is pretty much gone.  I mean, there’s a tiny dip, but it’s definitely pokin’ out…and rubbin’ up on my shirt when she kicks me – which does NOT feel good.  Although, I must say, as annoying/painful her kicks can be, I get a little flutter of excitement within me (you know, other than her) when I feel her stretching out or I see my tummy stretching in alienesque fashion.  She’s growing, she’s thriving, and she’s on her way to meet us! 

And here’s the weirdest thing.
My obsession for soaps has returned.

But that’s a story for another post.


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  1. Yaaaaaaay for updates! And good Lawd @ three baby showers, but hopefully you’ll get a lot of the stuff you need.
    PS – Any middle nameage yet?

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