On Sleeping

Dear Baby,

Now that you can sleep for more than two or three hours at a time, I feel that it is imperative that you learn the following bit of information:  Sleepy times are for night times.  Perhaps that statement doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now, so allow me to explain.

Night time is when the sun goes down.  Sometimes the moon comes out, sometimes not.  Sometimes there are stars, other times not.  And sometimes night time starts as early as 5:30pm.  Sometimes it starts as late as 9pm.  Such is the world in which we live.  However, one thing is for certain.  Night time is time for sleeping.  Day time is time for being awake.  And night time does not, contrary to popular belief, begin at 3am.  It most certainly does not begin at 9am, as you seem to have thought that it did this morning.

So.  To clarify.
Yes, you should be sleeping five or six hours at a time.  This is good.
However, 3am to 10am is not an acceptable time to do this stretch.
Neither is 9am to 2pm.
These are times when you should be awake.
These are times when your parents will want to be awake.
And yes, you should be awake for a few hours at a time.  This is good.
However, 1am to 9am is not then eight hour stretch we’d like you to have.

Right now, at 4pm, it is difficult to keep you awake for more than two hours at a time.
I wake you up, you fill up on milk, and then you flop around like a warm water balloon for a bit before settling in for another nap.
We’ve got to break this routine.
Sleep at night.
Wake in day.
This is the proper order of things.
See to it that we shift the schedule a bit, yes?

Love always,
Your Sleepy Mom

P.S. When you drink milk, you should do your best to keep it down.  It is not polite to wear your supper on your clothes and face.  Neither is it polite to put that supper, digested and curdled, on the clothing, face, hair, or arms of your parents or other loved ones – as you have done here with your Grandma Joyce.


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