Month 3 – 16 weeks

Zuit Suit is getting big –  growing by leaps and bounds, even.  And it’s amazing to be a part of that. In the past month she’s started going to daycare (while Mommy goes, sadly, to work), rolling with a little more control, grasping and grabbing easily, and sleeping through the night.  She’s hit the pool.  She’s even the right size to wear some of the stuff I obsessively pieced together during pregnancy.  But back to the best update….Yes.  She now reliably sleeps through the night – at least six hours, sometimes up to nine. It’s glorious.  This sleeping through the night means that she’s extra awake and aware during the day. This, too, is fun. Unless she’s grumpy – which is hardly ever….except, of course, for now that I’m trying to type this.  (Her nickname at daycare? “Smiley Baby”.  I can handle that.) Now if I could get back to sleeping through the night, that’d be great. As it is, I wake up thinking that she’s awake.  And then I lay there listening to every little sniffle and snort thinking “This is it.  She’s awake now.” Right now, she’s gumming pretty hard on her hands.  Usually, this is a sign that she’s hungry.  However, I’ve fed her.  She’s fallen asleep twice. And she’s even been doing this thing where she sucks twice and then pulls off the breast.  It’s annoying, but I hope it’s not indicative of something more serious. I should check that out.


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