Zuzu’s Growth – 4.5 months

Zuri is growing by leaps and bounds – well, mostly bounds! Her new favorite activity is bouncing away in her bouncer. And while I’m mildly concerned about letting her spend too much time in the bouncer, I get way too much enjoyment out of watching her gleefully pick up both of her feet and being jumping with all her might. I’m not sure, yet, if she’s purposefully bouncing, or if she’s just pleasantly surprised and ultimately pleased by the results of her bouncing – the rattling alligator, the swinging hippo and monkey, the twisty turning color wheel. Either way, she seems to have a blast in it.

She’s also doing a lot more purposeful cooing. “Hi…hooo…heeeeey” she says when we wake her up in the morning. She tucks her bottom lip in and pushes her lips out. The Boy thinks she’s trying to mimic us, as we are often saying “Heeeeeey” to her. I think she’s just stumbled upon a mouth shape and that she’s playing with the way her voice sounds. Either way, it’s a welcome change to her previous inability to communicate in anything but a cry. I love watching her smile, listening to her out and out laugh, and hearing her coos and wet razzing sounds she makes with her lips.

And even though she’s not yet an ambi-turner, she’s definitely beginning to crave more freedom. She’s beginning to dislike being strapped into her carseat. As cute as she is in some of the clothes I sewed for her, so furiously during my “nesting”, she hates being held back to get dressed.  She gets frustrated with staying in one place for more than a few minutes at a time. She loves cruising around the kitchen on Mama’s hip, and she’s even getting really good at mopping the kitchen floor with her bath time splishing.

As excited as I am, each milestone takes her further away…I watch her grow with the bittersweet realization of each month’s passing. As childless woman, it was so easy to forget the passage of time. I don’t change much, and my husband didn’t appear to either. It was only in looking at pictures from years past that we noticed new wrinkles or moles, new pounds, and longer hairs. However, with this kid, every minute reminds me that the days grow shorter. Every week she learns something new, gains another few ounces, spreads her arms out a little bit more, holds her head up a little higher. And every minute with her I am reminded to appreciate now, because time truly is fleeting.


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  1. You are a wise and wonderful woman. I am so glad you realize this at this point in her development. I didn’t begin to realize what was happening until I had lost so much time. Zuri is a lucky and blessed little lady to have such an amazing mommy.

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