Pbbbbt!!! and the Return of the Smiley Baby

Petals Eats Bananas...Sort Of

Last weekend I was sincerely worried that I’d lost my smileybaby forever.

What had been a beautiful, happy, giggling, smiling, drooling child was swept away and replaced by a grabbing, mouthing, screaming hob.  Well…maybe not hob.  Maybe just child.  But still.  She was miserable.

She was so miserable during the last week, in fact, that her father and I both took the day off of work – convinced that she must be sick.  We held her for what seemed like the entire weekend and she still screamed in our ears, stuffing her hands in her mouth, and pulling at my clothes while simultaneously dive-bombing my chest with her head.  I would try to nurse her, only to have her pull off screaming and grabbing at her chin.

Could she be teething?  The massive amount of drool, the little bumps on her lower gums, the low grade temperature…everything pointed towards the first teeth irritating her gums.

We tried feeding her warm bananas (she hates cereal) and we tried feeding her cold bananas.  We tried cooling teething rings in the fridge and giving those to her.  Yet she howled.  Finally we tried something that had never worked before – giving her a pacifier.  The heavens parted.  Rays of sunlight streamed down upon us.  She sucked and chewed and nommed on the pacifier like there was no tomorrow, and we were thankful for it.

Finally, Monday morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed and over to her crib, preparing to see on grumpy Petals.  Instead, what greeted us was a smiling, cooing baby.  She’s been relatively happy for the past few days.  She’s been sleeping well and eating well, sucking on her pacifier in the car and even learning how to turn from front to back and then over again.  Let’s hope she keeps it up for a while.


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