5 Months – Sniffling and Scooching

Petals has finally reached the five month mark – and with this have come some serious milestones.

She’s reaching for things that she wants and scooching across the floor easily.  She’s scooching across the floor so easily, in fact, that I’ve discovered I can’t just leave her plopped in the middle of the floor and expect her to still be in the same place when I come back.

She’s also picking things up easily, and aiming them towards her mouth – which is conveniently plugged up by her new favorite toy: a pacifier.  Yesterday, I noticed that she can do something else with her hands.  She can pass items from one hand to another (it takes much concentration, but she can do it) and she can rotate objects so that they will fit better into her mouth.  Granted, she’s not always successful at rotating these objects, but she’s trying.

And she’s even caught her first baby cold – which means I’ve become a pro at nasal aspirating.  (I’m not sure if this is something about which I should be proud.)  Fortunately, we took her to the doctor on Friday who said that her ears looked good, her lungs sounded good, and that her generally upbeat attitude was a good sign.  No fever, just a runny, snotty nose and a horrific cough.

Among other milestones, she’s almost completely outgrown her first set of clothing.  Goodbye butterfly butt foot pajamas.  So long Care Bears onesie.  You were both incredibly adorable and you will be missed.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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