Panda Bears and Polar Bears

I’ve discovered that there are some of the ca-utest houses ever here in Capital City.  I often enjoy driving down the road and making The Boy look at them.  I point and declare “pretty” and he cranes his neck around to try to see what I’ve pointed out.  It’s a fun game.

Recently, whilst house-looking, we had the following conversation:

Me: Awe! (Pointing) That house looks so cute and cottagey…like bears live there.  But nice, sweet bears.  Bears that bake pies.  Not real, vicious, bears.
Jeremy: You mean, like Panda Bears?
Me: No, of course not.  Like Grizzly Bears.  And, What?! Panda Bears are so vicious!
Jeremy: Or koalas?
Me: Koalas are really mean! But let’s get back to Pandas.
Jeremy: But they’re big. And slow.
Me: Panda Bears?! Come on! You’ve seen the documentaries! The way they go after seals…and fish…and stuff! Let’s see you come up to one face to face on some arctic ice floe! (I shake my head at his stupidity and utter ignorance.)
Jeremy:….babe….are you thinking of PANDA bears?
Me: …. Oh…. Wait. “Polar” and “panda” are two different words, right?



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