Almost Six…

She’s so close to being six months old she can almost taste it…

And she can also taste the carrots, peas, bananas, bananas-and-apples, and other assorted baby foods that I’ve been whipping up for her in the kitchen.

Baby-led weaning hasn’t worked out quite the way I’d planned.  I do give her food to try.  So far she’s had fun slurping up fist-mashed banana, throwing avocado (which was nearly as messy as my hair-conditioner experiment), and using a cold carrot as a teether.  

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 However, when she was screaming for food at night and not able to get enough milk, I gave in.

I steamed and blended up some veggies.

And I spooned them to her.

I took the remainder and froze it in ice cube trays to be used at a later date.

It would appear that I’ve left the world of baby-led weaning and headed over to the world of make-your-own-baby-fooding.  (At Target, I considered becoming a buy-the-pre-packaged-baby-fooding mom…but then I weighed the cost and decided it was cheaper to make my own.)

I know.  I should hang my head in shame.  I’ve heard how babies should wait until they are six months old before they start eating.  (Or maybe they shouldn’t?  Or maybe – according to the AAP – they should?!  Ack!)  I’ve heard of spoon-feeding’s negative effects: how spoon feeding can lead to a baby not being able to regulate their own intake of food, gagging from forced spooning, and not wanting to try new foods.

But, I also heard my baby crying.  And I heard her quit crying once she was able to grab a spoon and put some breastmilk-and-peas in her mouth.  And I talked to my amazingly supportive cousin – we’ll call her “Big Sis” – who gave me some of the best advice after listening to me worry back and forth:  “Do what you think is right.  She’s your baby, and at the end of the day, you have to go with your gut.  Dang.”

So for the moment, Petals is feeding herself and eating some mush.  To my credit, I didn’t go crazy and buy a Baby Bullet (Despite the fact that three out of my five siblings were trying to get me to!)…I just use myMagic Bullet.

I don’t puree and strain The Babe’s food – I just blend it up a bit.  It’s still chunky enough to give her the texture of the foods.  I’ve tasted it all, and it still tastes exactly like what it is.  The peas taste like peas.  The apples like apples.  The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.  I feel like she is still able to make some choices about what she likes to eat and what she doesn’t.  She clearly hates avocado.  She clearly enjoys sweet peas.  Carrots, she’s not sure about yet – but she likes to chew on them!


On a completely unrelated note, I’m convinced The Boy has The Whooping Cough…or maybe Scurvy…(“I have a bad case of wisteria…” he says, from the couch.) and he picks on me for being out-of-date.

We’ll have to figure that one out.


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